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Midnight Duet book pdf download for free or read online, also Midnight Duet pdf was written by Jen Comfort.

BookMidnight Duet
AuthorJen Comfort
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Midnight Duet Book PDF download for free

Midnight Duet Book PDF download for free

Self-proclaimed diva Erika Greene has it all: a starring role on Broadway, countless fans, spectacular natural talent. But after a stage accident scars her face and ruins her career, Erika retires to Paris, Nevada, where she’s inherited a run-down opera house that is in dire need of some maintenance.

Erika invests her savings in the building, but it’s not enough to avoid the covetous eyes of casino developer Raoul Decomte. With foreclosure looming, he rents the premises to unexpected tenants: a German hair metal band led by glam rock god Christof Daae.

Midnight Duet Pdf Download

Erika is seduced by Christof’s low-rise lederhosen and even more so by his ambitious quest to make night music international superstars, but she’s taboo. The rest of her band believe she’s still with her beloved keyboardist, who’s conveniently not on this trip to the American Southwest. When Erika finds out Christof has been unceremoniously dumped and tries to keep it a secret, she makes a deal to keep his secret…at a price, of course.

Christof is desperate to keep the rest of the band together after the departure of his keyboardist, but he can’t keep the charade going forever. He also cannot resist the mysterious owner of the opera house, who seduces him with singing lessons at midnight. It doesn’t take long for sensual late-night interludes to turn into hot backstage encounters.

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But can her renewed passion survive the scorching daylight? Or will their beautiful duet become a heartbroken power ballad?

If you are looking for a romance with main characters damaged by their past and colorful supporting characters, Midnight Duet is the book for you. This is billed as the reverse spirit of the operatic-style story. It’s in the sense that the female lead, Erica, is a former Broadway diva who suffered scars from an accident at her theater during the show. He is now in Paris, Nevada, where he has inherited a ramshackle opera house. She tries to save it from the Xeno developer, but it doesn’t work out until a German band shows up to do a residency there. It is a German hair metal band whose lead singer Christoph is the male protagonist.

The group misses their keyboard player, who is said to be in a relationship with Christof. Unbeknownst to the other band members, Christof’s ex has left the band and has yet to share this news with the band members. Erica finds out and she and Christof agree to work together on music for the band that will help the opera survive.

The relationship that develops between them is so full of emotion that it is out of the ordinary. Jen Comfort writes so you can feel whatever the characters are feeling. All the supporting characters, who are mainly the band members, added to the story and made it very entertaining. This is a book that, once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down until the end.

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There’s a lot to like about Midnight Duet. I loved the way he played with the Phantom of the Opera story, changing genres and updating it to include Broadway and metal bands. I loved that our ‘ghost’, Erika, wasn’t a very nice person at first and was actively working to improve herself and her approach to others. I loved how our hero Christof had all the outward trappings of a rock god (and loved those outward trappings), but on the inside he was a worry freak with serious management control issues.

Christof’s band was great, playing all the rock band stereotypes, and his “band on the cusp of the cusp” story was a great place to explore. I also liked that Christof and Erika had a high level of misunderstanding when it came to their friends and colleagues. And that Erika’s pets were rats? I loved this play about “life in the sewers”.

But somehow I didn’t fully connect with Christof and Erika. They both seemed to be falling too far and too fast for who they were in life, especially Erika and her intense distrust. Comfort sells their physical connection beautifully, but the transition to love seemed sudden and not entirely grounded to me. I also struggled with the way Erika kept her voice in shape as she never practiced. Because of this I kept going down and back to Midnight Duet.

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