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How To Kill Your Family book pdf download for free or read online, also How To Kill Your Family pdf was written by Bella Mackie.

Bella Mackie is a freelance journalist and columnist for Vogue UK. She was previously an editor at The Guardian and an assistant editor at Vice News. She has also written for Vogue, Daily Mail, Vice, The Guardian, Stylist and GQ. She lives in London.

Bella Mackie is a former journalist who has previously worked for The Guardian and Vice News. She writes Vogue Column twice a month. Her first book, Jog On, was a treatise on mental health and running. It was a number two bestseller (just below Michelle Obama, which is a holy place).
Since then, she has kept an accompanying journal to encourage others to get more exercise for their minds than their bodies.

Her first foray into her fiction was with her book How To Kill Your Family, which was released in July 2021 and was also a #2 bestseller.

BookHow To Kill Your Family
AuthorBella Mackie
Size1 MB
CategoryNovel Thriller – Suspense

How To Kill Your Family Book PDF download for free

How To Kill Your Family Book PDF download for free

Meet Grace Bernhard.

Daughter, sister, serial killer…

Grace lost everything.

And she will stop at nothing to get revenge.

How To Kill Your Family Book Pdf Download

We’ve all had those moments where we’d quite happily strangle our nearest and dearest, right? But they are moments, brief outbursts of anger that dissipate as quickly as they come. But not for Grace. She’s hell-bent on wiping out her part of her family. She plans, infiltrates them before carrying out her devious plan. And her plans are extreme, but perfectly executed.

The way Mackie divides the story between Grace’s incarceration and how she proceeds to eliminate those members of her family is entertaining. Sporadic snippets from Grace’s childhood and adolescence are then added in – these are poignant and heartbreaking, as Grace goes through more in her formative years than most of her did in her first 30!

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I really came to love Grace despite her intentions. She is a determined young woman, determined to fulfill her mission. Thorough in her planning and execution, her dedication to her own cause is admirable.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mackie’s first novel. Her writing moves fluidly between past and present. This is no ordinary crime thriller; It’s kind of a cross-genre book. If you have read Jog On you will be surprised; this is (unsurprisingly) nothing less than Mackie’s first foray as a published author. Mackie adds buckets of dark humor to the story of royal revenge. I really hope this is the start of some dark and twisted keyboard novels from Mackie.

Oh, just cheerfully, seductively amoral!

It is wonderful to live with someone who can and does all the things you would never dream of doing for yourself. Did family members hurt you? Far from them! Can someone help you get to them? Use them, use them!

Grace was wronged, she cannot deny. The old story of the pretty young woman who is rejected by the rich playboy when she discovers that she is pregnant: the story of her mother. Thank you? Raised in poverty and then to anger at injustice. Then she gets up to get revenge. To the whole family that disowned her and her mother. She may squirm with delight at the realization that she will try to “destroy” the entire legitimate crowd of you.

But she’s writing this from prison… so what happened?

I love old Ealing comedies and this one had a strong Kind Hearts and Coronets twist, also written from jail by a poor relative trying to kill his whole family.

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Grace is just wonderful, absolutely terribly unforgiving, and yet you feel justified. And you don’t want to stop her, you want to see what she’s capable of.

But she is in prison… we will never forget that. Which makes it really curious why she’s there for a murder she did NOT commit…and if she can get away with the ones she did.

Oh that was amazing. And Mackie saves his best pitch for last, a total curveball just when you think the endgame is in sight.

How to Kill Your Family is truly a book, and its incongruous bubblegum pink cover belies its murderous intent and dark humor. Extremely well written, carefully planned, and voiced by a cunning anti-heroine, this book takes the old adage “You can’t choose your family” and sneakily rewrites the label with a downright sinister premise: “but you can choose what you want.” do with them. “to do is”.

On paper, the book’s narrator, Grace Bernard, is someone to despise and certainly deserves her current cell in Limehouse Jail. But somehow her censorious criticism, her caustic froideur and her murderous vengeful tendencies have been twisted into entertaining traits. Maybe it’s Grace’s obvious intellect and her strangely seductive confidence, or maybe it’s her bitingly sardonic sense of humor that very few are safe from. Either way, her murders are a delightfully diabolical mix of amateurish genius and deadly irony.

Suddenly, Grace’s defiantly loquacious report is unexpectedly silenced. Without warning, a new and totally unwelcome voice takes over the final chapters. This new character also has a lot to say and snatches future glory from Grace. I would have loved to have had an epilogue for this book, partly because I wasn’t ready to cut Grace’s story off so crudely, but also because I long for another lawless rebirth of a character I’ve grown so fond of.

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Having broken Grace’s spell, I have the following advice for all future readers: i) Let her influence you, yes she is evil but very funny; ii) track body counts; and iii) do not neglect to monitor it.

How to kill your family review • this one has the best title

Grace Bernard has a clear to-do list…
kill my family
Claim your assets
Stay away from the above
· To adopt a dog
Daughter, sister, colleague, friend, serial killer…
Grace lost everything. And she now she wants revenge.

This book was great!!! The Graces! I mean… she does some disgusting things but I love her for it. The antihero I’ve been in love with all along. The story was full of clever twists, so darkly funny and addictive that you want to know what Grace will do next… I mean… who knew she would enjoy reading about murder and smiling while she did it. There’s a lot in this gem of a book, except a lot of remorseless killing. It’s about class, family, love and revenge, much more than you think.

Grace’s family is full of unpleasant characters (to say the least) and I found Grace to be a lovable, likable and fascinating protagonist. She has a plan and she is committed! The book moves between past and present very well and I NEVER lost the plot or got confused about what was going on. I loved how everything flowed. The ending absolutely great and unexpected.

How To Kill Your Family is crying out for a television adaptation. Please fix this! That would be awesome. This book was very entertaining and I definitely want to read more Bella novels in the future. highly recommended

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