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If The Dress Fits book pdf download for free or read online, also If The Dress Fits pdf was written by Liz Talley.

BookIf The Dress Fits
AuthorLiz Talley
Size1.1 MB

If The Dress Fits Book PDF download for free

If The Dress Fits Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Liz Talley comes this sequel to Deconstructed.

Cricket Crosby is back… and he’s licensed to snoop! Fresh from a divorce and a private detective course, Cricket is ready to balance running her antique business with proving her skills as a private investigator…if anyone takes a chance on her. When a local IP discovers a case of luxury goods theft, he hires the former debutante to go undercover to apprehend a thief. But snooping around at PTA meetings and cotillon parties is harder than it seems, especially when Cricket’s missteps make a handsome police detective wary of her new best friend, Ruby Balthazar.

As a former Long Pines inmate, Ruby has a lot to lose. She is a finalist in a local fashion contest and receives an invitation to New York City Fashion Week. Suddenly you’re parading through the city and opportunities beckon faster than a fashion designer can react. When Ruby is arrested and made the prime suspect in the robbery, everything she ever dreamed of begins to unravel. How can Ruby create a new future when her past keeps pulling her back?

The only solution is to catch the real thief, but that could turn out to be more dangerous than Cricket or Ruby imagined. Add in an incontinent cat, a dog kidnapping and a hot tow truck driver and you have a fun story that will keep you on your toes!

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If The Dress Fits Book Pdf Download

This is a perfect sequel to Liz Talley’s Deconstructed! We bond with all of our friends from the first book, especially Cricket and Ruby. Cricket is involved in her new PI job, but life for most of us, Cricket couldn’t make it without a little help from her friends…

If you haven’t read Deconstructed I would suggest reading that first, but the author does a great job of including background information for those who haven’t read Deconstructed.

If you’re looking for a great mystery with quirky characters I’d like to meet, lots of southern sass, strong women who go their own way and good old-fashioned fun, then you should read If The Dress Fits!

I highly recommend this book. Enjoy!

This is the second book in a series, but you don’t really necessarily have to read the first before this one. Liz explains very well what you need to know to follow the characters.

This book is laugh-out-loud fun. And there are several never see coming events. It is very well written, has a great storyline and the characters are fully developed. I really loved this book!

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