Download As If I Wouldn’t Fall [PDF] By Jessa Kane

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As If I Wouldn’t Fall book pdf download for free or read online, also As If I Wouldn’t Fall pdf was written by Jessa Kane.

BookAs If I Wouldn’t Fall
AuthorJessa Kane
Size714 KB

As If I Wouldn’t Fall Book PDF download for free

As If I Wouldn't Fall Book PDF download for free

Flynt Porter has been my shadow since freshman year, but despite his intense protection for me, we never spoke a word to each other. Until now. We are both seniors and I damaged my mother’s car so I have no choice but to take it to Flynt who works as a mechanic.

I’m willing to offer anything to fix the vehicle, but he just warns me to stay away from him. Unfortunately, staying away is the last thing on my mind when it’s my turn.

What I want from Ayla is… everything. Now. I want her to be my wife. To carry my baby But as a product of a broken home, I know how a young pregnancy can destroy a family before it has a chance. I refuse to do this to my Ayla. I’ve managed to go four years without going hungry, but now she’s hungry too… and my will is weak.

As If I Wouldn’t Fall Book Pdf Download

Jessa, please pray that your life will be easier so that you can get your beautiful books out full time! Although I do more things when I’m waiting for a new story from you. In two months I finished and decorated a second small house. More books please so I really can be lazy! I love young love stories, but I’ll take anything you throw at us. I devoured this too fast 🙁 now I have to clean up the storage building :,,

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I don’t know if Jessa has ever had a mechanic hero.
but it’s perfect for his books, it had to be done. It’s the story of two high school friends, one obsessed over the other, and how they fall into their obsession. Nice, hot and needy, perfectly short, classic Jessa.

Kane has spoiled us with monthly releases and after a 3 month hiatus he is BACK. Our girl didn’t disappoint either! As If I Didn’t Fall Down was as crazy, obsessive, and downright panty-smashing as you’d expect from Jessa Kane. As usual I caught it the moment it was released and now I hate myself for having to wait. But it was so good!

For the past year I’ve become obsessed with Jessa Kane’s books and read them all.
This book was amazing! I liked the plot, the characters and the setting. The spice in this book was everything I ever dreamed of.
In my opinion this book is one of his best and I will read it again very soon.

As If I Wouldn’t Fall is an Installlove OTT romance.
Ayla is in her senior year of high school. A good and calm girl who feels like she has a shadow.
Flyby is the loner. A giant man who has been obsessed with Ayla since they were freshmen.
This story is fun and fast paced. The chemistry is hot and the obsession only grows between the two. Even the law and her controlling father cannot separate them. The HEA is sweet and spicy!!
I love all of Jessa Kane’s books and can’t wait to read more!

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