Download The Wrong Bridesmaid [PDF] By Lauren Landish

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The Wrong Bridesmaid book pdf download for free or read online, also The Wrong Bridesmaid pdf was written by Lauren Landish.

BookThe Wrong Bridesmaid
AuthorLauren Landish
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The Wrong Bridesmaid Book PDF download for free

The Wrong Bridesmaid Book PDF download for free

Opposites not only attract, they ignite in a flirtatious romance against all odds from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Lauren Landish.

Wyatt Ford left Cold Springs to escape his powerful family and the unwanted privilege that came with it. Returning to her brother’s wedding brings to light all the reasons she left. An unexpected bright spot: A curvy knockout who throws burgers, falls in the pool… and hates the Ford name.

Hazel Sullivan is fiercely independent and happy to be the bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, but she’s not looking for romance. Especially not with a man whose family is dividing his city into a battlefield with their development plans. Fighting family is easy. Fight Wyatt? Not very much. Why does the enemy have to look so good?

The sparks that fly between Hazel and Wyatt may start as a fight, but one kiss and it’s total surrender. How is a happy life possible for two people who have so little in common? Except, of course, for an overwhelming attraction and a growing temptation to say “yes, I do” to yourself.

The Wrong Bridesmaid Book Pdf Download

Who doesn’t love small town romance, I know they do! Hazel and Wyatt’s banter was so much fun and their chemistry was undeniable! Wyatt returns home for his brother’s wedding and luckily Hazel is the maid of honor. They should be enemies, but they risk their hearts inside and outside the dorm.

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Wyatt shows the town that he has their back ?% and becomes the driving force against his uncle and his plans to take over the town with his brother, the mayor and Wyatt’s father. Hazel and Wyatt will have to fight together to overcome everything between them to get to His HEA!! I loved Cold Springs and all of its wonderful characters! So I hope we get more stories from this little town…

Years ago, Wyatt left home to escape his family’s inheritance, but after receiving an invitation to his brother Winston’s wedding, Wyatt returns. At least Winston really will be happy to see him. Wyatt and his father haven’t seen each other for a long time, which is why he avoids the family altogether. The Fords are a wealthy family in Cold Springs, and so would Wyatt, but he chose to go his own way and has never looked back. However, he misses his family.

Upon his return, he soon finds that not everyone is a Ford fan, particularly the woman who has captured his attention and continues to do so. Hazel and her family have a longstanding feud with the Fords, which includes Wyatt by default. Hazel has set her sights on Wyatt, and while he’s taboo, he quickly becomes a temptation she can’t resist.

As he quickly falls in love with Hazel and tries to prove himself, Wyatt sees tensions within his family grow. Some caused by it and some not. Wyatt left because he didn’t agree with the way things were run in his family, or rather the way his family guided him. He has shown that he can do it alone without the support of his family. He realizes they need his support to recover.

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This book was so funny and entertaining to read that it left me with a big smile on my face! As is typical of a Lauren Landish book, there are so many endearing (and hilarious) characters with their own stories that I got caught up in so much more than the Wyatt and Hazel romance. In fact, I was determined to save an entire small town and I really loved that part of the book.

Wyatt and Hazel fall in love pretty quickly and I don’t usually mind in the books and definitely not in this one because I felt like they knew each other well. Some might call Hazel a little crazy but I call her my spirit animal and maybe she’s a little crazy but in the best way! I loved how the more serious Wyatt loved all of that about her.

While it may have a little less flavor than some of the authors’ other books, there’s still quite a lot of it, and it’s mostly heartbreak-free too! I loved everyone in this book except for two bad guys, but I love Lester the dirty-mouthed parrot even more!

The wrong maid of honor. Be careful, if four letter words hurt you, skip this book! Wyatt Ford returns to his small town for the first time in years to attend his brother’s wedding, where he finds the family in a great mess. Something is wrong with his uncle’s latest construction project, his estranged father is drinking, and the first woman he’s been interested in years hates his family for family reasons. Hazel happens to be the bride’s best friend.

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Lauren Landish wrote a funny story about family troubles that keeps the reader interested in the cause. Four letter words aren’t usually offensive, but the number of them in the first few pages of the book really made me wonder if I wanted to finish reading. Fortunately, the amount has been reduced significantly as the story progressed. I voluntarily borrowed an advance copy of this NetGalley book. Highly recommended.

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