Download In Her Highlander’s Bed [PDF] By Lynsay Sands

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In Her Highlander’s Bed book pdf download for free or read online, also In Her Highlander’s Bed pdf was written by Lynsay Sands.

BookIn Her Highlander’s Bed
AuthorLynsay Sands
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In Her Highlander’s Bed Book PDF download for free

In Her Highlander's Bed Book PDF download for free

In Her Highlander’s Bed Great book with a great balance between romance and suspense. This book picks up where he left off the previous book (Highland Wolf). Allissaid MacFarlane is the sister of the heroine of this book, and when the villain of this book is thwarted, she immediately kidnaps Allissaid to continue her efforts to steal her family’s land. Not a meek lady, she Allissaid risks her life to escape from her despite being severely injured. When she tries to steal, erm… borrow a plaid left on the lake shore, her owner catches her and passes out in the struggle.

Calan is taking a quick dip in the lake when he spots a boy running off with her plaid. However, when he attacks the boy, he discovers that the boy is a girl and a lady. Because she is unconscious and to protect her reputation, he sneaks her into her room in the castle. He’ll fix things as soon as she wakes up and finds out who she is. When she wakes up, Allissaid has no idea if she’s at a friend’s or an enemy’s house, so she pretends to remember nothing, not even herself. Calan’s protective instincts are awakened and he is determined to protect her.

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In Her Highlander’s Bed Pdf Download

I enjoyed watching Allissaid and Calan’s relationship develop. Since the death of his father eight years ago, Calan has been busy learning lairdship and tending to his country and its people with no time or inclination to find a wife. But Allissaid captured her interest from the start, and I loved watching this tough Highland warrior show the softer side of him as he pierced her heart. It doesn’t take Allissaid long to realize that Calan is an honorable man and that she can trust him.

Most of In Her Highlander’s Bed book’s action takes place in Calan’s bedroom, where Allissaid hides to keep her presence a secret from her until she can deal with MacNaughton. Calan won my heart with her sensitivity, from the late-night picnic scene to her understanding of her fears for her family. He falls more in love with her every day and is soon determined to have her for himself. Allissaid falls so hard for him and begins to hope that he feels the same way.

There are some undisguised matchmaking vibes from Calan’s mother and sister, so it’s no surprise that her growing attraction finds them in a compromising situation with predictable consequences. There’s a hilarious scene with Calan and his mother on their wedding night, and Calan’s reactions made me laugh. The ending was really fantastic and also I look forward to seeing more of them in future books.

The suspense of the story was good, keeping Allissaid’s danger in mind without overpowering the romance. The more we hear about MacNaughton’s actions and intentions, the clearer the danger to Allissaid becomes. Calan and her family have had problems with MacNaughton and are determined to protect her.

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I enjoyed seeing the steps taken to mitigate the threat and how inter-clan relationships and alliances make this possible. MacNaughton is suspected of planting spies in the various homes, increasing the need for secrecy. The final showdown was exciting when an unexpected player (of theirs) came into play, putting Allissaid in jeopardy. The ending was well done, with Calan to the rescue.

The supporting characters were great too. I liked Calan’s sister, Inghinn. Like Allissaid, she is smart and strong. I liked her quick understanding of the danger Allissaid was in and her efforts to protect her. I’ve laughed at her mother’s blatant attempts to marry Alick and I’m curious to see if anything comes of it. Calan’s mom was great.

I liked her obvious interest in Allissaid and wasn’t surprised by her attempts to bring Calan and her together. It was amusing to see Calan’s confusion when she didn’t react as he expected. Calan’s cousin and best friend, Gille, had an intriguing backstory and I’d love to see him have his own backstory. I loved seeing more Buchanans and hearing about other clans and characters from previous books.

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