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Prince Of Hate book pdf download for free or read online, also Prince Of Hate pdf was written by Jagger Cole.

BookPrince Of Hate
AuthorJagger Cole
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Prince Of Hate Book PDF download for free

Prince Of Hate Book PDF download for free

If you’re up to date with Kings and Villains, then you know Oliver Prince. At least you think so. After this new installment of the twisted and talented Jagger Cole, you’ll meet a whole new Oliver. In the 2 years since we last saw him, he has almost completely shut himself off from the world, leaving the public eye and becoming a hermit in his once beautiful mansion, which now looks more like a haunted house.

We begin in a conference room with Rose, Paul Laurant’s daughter, a man from Oliver’s past, his lawyer, and some very creepy Greeks. After a panicked call from Rose’s father, she goes to Oliver’s house to rescue him. This isn’t going as planned. Coincidentally, Laurent tried to break into Oliver’s house and is now imprisoned in the north tower, in a royal cell.

Prince Of Hate Pdf Download

Paul Laurent has something that belongs to Oliver. Something you desperately need. Before Oliver can decide what to do with him, Rose is there to save her father, who she only found out about 2 months ago. Oliver decides that she will take his father’s place in the cell, where he will remain until he gets Oliver’s property back. No matter how long it takes. And it takes Oliver long enough to become obsessed with her. He begins to think that he can stay with her forever.

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Rose begins to have fantasies about Oliver that become harder to ignore with each passing day she is held captive. It quickly becomes clear that her father is a lying thief and con man who knows a lot more about the fearsome Greeks than he cares to admit. Rose manages to escape from Oliver’s house, unaware that he is the only one she shouldn’t be running from, putting herself in grave danger in the process.

Things heat up, not for the better this time, and a deadly war breaks out. Things get worse before they get better, and while Jagger always gives us our HEA, he has a knack for making us forget that and leaving us on the brink of a cliff, crying and praying for the good guys to win. Do yourself a favor and read all the Kings and Villains books. In my opinion, it is better if they are read in order.

Jagger knocked this one out of the park!

Prince Of Hate book tells the story of Oliver Prince and Rose, the daughter of the man he is currently holding in the prison cell of his home. Rose spent the first 20 years of her life in a convent until her father Paul Laurent found her two months ago and introduced her to his lifestyle.

Now she’s sitting at a conference table across from the fearsome Greek mafia boss Atlas Drakos and his younger brother Ares. Atlas has just told him that his mother was the daughter of a powerful Irish mafia family, the Kildare family, who were engaged to him until his father came and seduced her. And then Rose gets a panicked call from her father telling her he’s a prisoner of Oliver Prince.

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I loved Prince Of Hate book! It has so many twists and turns that are so unexpected that it was hard to put down even as my body was screaming for sleep. The characters are so exquisitely drawn and fleshed out that you can picture them clearly, at least until the next twist in the story when everything you thought you knew about them changed again. I loved the fact that there was a slow romance between Oliver and Rose and that the sex between the two wasn’t instantaneous. When I think of all the Jagger Cole books I’ve read so far, this story is my absolute favorite!

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