Download Ink’s Whirlwind [PDF] By Ciara St James

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Ink’s Whirlwind book pdf download for free or read online, also Ink’s Whirlwind pdf was written by Ciara St James.

BookInk’s Whirlwind
AuthorCiara St James
Size332 KB

Ink’s Whirlwind Book PDF download for free

Ink's Whirlwind Book PDF download for free

When Ink saw his president fall in love with a woman, he was thrilled to discover that he must have found his too. Even better news is that the two women are best friends. Everything seems perfect. Or he does until Ink realizes that Alisse isn’t about to give him the time of day.

He spent months trying to get her to give him a chance. She keeps shooting at him, accusing him of being a man who can’t commit to just one woman. She accuses him of only wanting conquests, not a real and lasting relationship.

Ink has had enough when he discovers that his wife is seeing another man. This leads to a confrontation, followed by someone trying to arrest her at gunpoint. The club still has enemies out there. Are you? Or is it someone else?

Meanwhile, Ink discovers that he and Alisse have a past that he can’t remember. He answers a lot of questions and makes him want to convince her to give him a real chance.

Just as Alisse gives in to Ink’s pleas, her past comes back through the door. Alisse is afraid of what this means to her. A secret is revealed, which only causes more concern and conflict. Is it the truth or a lie?

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Now her life is no longer hers, as the club keeps her and her best friend under her watch. As more dangerous things happen, the club must consider that the enemy they were worried about may not be the enemy determined to take Alisse from Ink.

Fortunately, the club won’t stop until they find the culprit, deal with the threats, and receive an answer to a mystery. All Ink prays is that he can fully claim and love the whirlwind of him forever.

Ink’s Whirlwind Book Pdf Download

Ink’s Whirlwind is Iron Punishers MC Book two by Ciara St. James is another exciting MC romance. I Fell – Hook, Line and Sinker for all things romance MC by this author. An ally MC of this author’s original MC, The Iron Punishers brings drama and love to the second MC Alpha to fall. Ink meets Alisse through Cheyenne, the old lady of his MC president. With Cheyenne’s best friend and her safety at stake, Alisse is protected by the association and lives on the premises. T

he most significant connection is that Alisse and Ink were acquaintances in the past, but Ink doesn’t remember. Also, Alisse’s perception of Ink and his past actions is wrong! Her dynamic starts slowly, but the underlying tension of attraction and desire turns to distraction and eventually a much-needed conversation.

The plot, of course, involves the construction and development of Ink and Alisse’s feelings. While Alisse is skeptical, Ink goes all out and immediately chases after Alisse. As Ink attempts to lock Alisse up, a hostility arises that endangers her and drives Ink mad with worry, keeping him and her club on high alert.

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Overall, this book offers another fantastic romantic couple with a lot of warmth and heart. The alpha hero conquers his mistress; his heart, mind, body and soul with unwavering support and understanding to build his love, adoration and devotion.

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