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Ivory Tower book pdf download for free or read online, also Ivory Tower pdf was written by Morgan Elizabeth.

BookIvory Tower
AuthorMorgan Elizabeth
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Ivory Tower Book PDF download for free

Ivory Tower Book PDF download for free

When Delilah Turner starts working as a dancer at Carluccio’s gentlemen’s club, she has two goals. She finds what she needs to take down the mafia family and prove yourself to the family that doesn’t know it exists.

If it weren’t for the Carluccio family, her last name would actually be Russo, like the Russo family, the second of New Jersey’s two most notorious crime families. And she is the only remaining heir to this throne.

Ivory Tower Pdf Download

Except, as soon as she begins her covert mission, a mysterious client catches her eye and completely consumes her mind. Dante Romano started out as a client of the club, but in a short time he has become much more.

Will he be able to solve the mystery that begins to strangle her and keep the boy? Or is history destined to repeat itself?

Ivory Tower book was so good! Happened A LOT. Everything was so chaotic and confusing and everyone had their own perfectly thought out plans. Honestly, it was hard to keep up! This was a mob book, but wasn’t it… scary?
I’ve never read a book about the mob because it’s just not in my mood. But this was the perfect little glimpse into a mob romance book! Because it was low key, even though I feel like all the important parts are there…we don’t see the…scary parts of a mafia romance! What works for me!!

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When I finished Bittersweet I was nervous because of Lilah’s apology, she wasn’t my favorite but her redemption arc is VERY GOOD. I’m officially on Team Lilah. She’s working so hard to get even, and despite being so new to all of this, she’s apparently okay? Of course, until Dante tells him that things are even more complicated. But she gets the job done!

You and Dante are… unconventional as HELL… even off the rails??? But he’s also so… in love with her? With the constant ‘missing you’ from her because he was just pretending, just pretending, nothing more. I don’t like super possessive things… it’s too much for me. but this is the VIBE in a mob book and somehow it works for me?? She also works very hard to make things right, to make sure she’s safe, to make sure they have a future. In his way FULFILLED… is he cute!?

THE CLIFFHANGER AT THE END WAS THE END OF ME. Luckily, I knew there was going to be a preview for the second book, so that really helped! I’m grateful to Morgan for that! I look forward to the second part of the story!

Delilah “Lilah”‘s life is not what she thought her whole life was. She was raised to be the mayor’s daughter. I know that pretty young thing deep down inside. The mermaid that her father wanted her to win all the votes. Well, that’s not the truth. The mayor is not her father. Her real father was murdered shortly after she was born and she lost her mother to cancer at a young age. Her sister tried to protect her from all the chaos in her family so that Liliah could have a “normal life”.

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Her father has accumulated a large amount of gambling debts. Her sister had worked her entire life to protect Lilah from her father’s disaster. She now knows the truth and she faces the plate and wants help so that her sister does not have stress. She went to the strip club that she owns the debt to pay it off. It is owned by the mafia. She offered to work there to pay off her father’s debts and prevent her from playing there again. She also has other motives besides paying off her father’s debts.

Dante owns the strip club, but she wasn’t in town when Lilah came to make her offer and hers her nephew Paulie hired her and put her on stage. As soon as Dante saw her, he knew that he wanted her in her life, not that he needed her. She started paying for private sessions, but never revealed who she really was to the club.

He asked her out of it and she said no. One night, while she was walking home, she got a flat tire and it turned out that Dante was the guy who turned her down.
Ivory Tower is book 1 and the ending was amazing and I can’t wait for book 2 to finish. I need (ok, I’m being a bit dramatic) book 2 yesterday! Morgan, how could you do this to us?

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