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Alastair book pdf download for free or read online, also Alastair pdf was written by Jaclyn Osborn.

AuthorJaclyn Osborn
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Alastair Book PDF download for free

Alastair Book PDF download for free

Haughtiness precedes the event. Or so they say.

Cursed with the deadly sin of pride, failure is not an option for Alastair. Win at all costs. As the war escalates, the stakes are higher than ever. You have to make sacrifices. Add the awakening of a soulmate bond on top of that and things have never been so complicated. Especially when that soul mate is an icy-eyed angel whose touch is surprisingly warm.

What if your destined partner is the one person you cannot love?

Alastair Pdf Download

Lazarus lived the obedient life of a heavenly warrior. don’t take anything for yourself. He throws all desires aside. Fate has other plans. A kiss. That’s all it takes for the emotions you’ve sealed to come up. But is Alastair worth loving?

War is unpredictable. And as the final battle draws near, hearts and lives hang on the line. It all leads to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Book 7 in the Sons of the Fallen series, featuring other fates, an angel’s first proof of love, a war between good and evil, and an epic conclusion. Each book contains a different main pair, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed

You know that one book in a series you’ve been waiting for ever since you read the first in the series? For me it was the Alastair story in “Sons of the Fallen” and since Bellamy’s book it was also the Lazarus story. I had so many questions, I mean… Is Lázaro Alistair’s partner? Wow! Did Laz know about this? Alistair? Did they both know, and if so, how did they deal with acting like two enemies for so long when they were actually friends? Hahaha, I had so many questions and I’m so glad every single one of them has been answered in this latest book 🙂

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They had such a wholesome love story where Alastair and Lazarus were finally themselves. They were so cute together and they really melted my heart, especially in the moments that followed when… no, I won’t spoil anything, you have to witness every step of their relationship for yourself. It took me three days to finish this book as it is VERY VERY long, but what else do you expect from the man who symbolizes pride, right? xd

Since it is the last book, it also means that the war with Lucifer is coming to an end. All the characters we’ve met so far have returned to face him. Whether or not they succeeded in the end is up to you to find out for yourself, but I’ll say one thing: the story had a nice little twist at the end that pushed me to the edge of my seat.

However, there was something about Alastair’s book that (unfortunately) really bothered me – I wish his book was more about him and Lazarus. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brothers and their friends, especially Daman/Warrin and Bellamy/Phoenix. But everyone already had their own books to shine. This book was Alastair’s book and sometimes it didn’t feel like it.

There were entire scenes where Alastair or Lazarus would tell me page after page what the other characters were doing to their friends, as if they weren’t narrators. He even went so far as to sometimes forget which story he was reading because Alastair and Lazarus sounded exactly like the narrators. I wish the scenes Alastair describes in the epilogue had been shown and not just talked about as it would have brought me closer to him and Lazarus.

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I’m also sure if we had more scenes where the two were just themselves they would have stolen the throne from Daman/Warrin as the best couple on the show. At one point, it even seemed like Lazarus was just Alastair’s partner with no other traits that made him unique. He was rude in every other book besides his and that just didn’t sit well with me.

However, I loved what we learned about Alastair and Lazarus and couldn’t get enough of it. Those scenes when it was just the two of you? Perfect!

I hope that one day the author will talk about these two again, as unlike the others, I feel that they still have a lot of undiscovered potential. Especially since her story started at the end of the book.

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