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Landon book pdf download for free or read online, also Landon pdf was written by Dale Mayer.

AuthorDale Mayer
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Landon Book PDF download for free

Landon Book PDF download for free

Landon needed a break after a rough couple of years helping his mate navigate his later years. Tracking down a war dog named Chica to make sure she was okay sounded perfect. Especially being able to take his three Chihuahuas with him. But finding a dog that was part of a large shipment that was en route to the rescue across the Canadian border but disappeared at the last station before the border, well, that was really going to be a challenge. Especially one with a lame leg and half a claw.

Sabrina had volunteered at a local vet clinic for years because all animals had a tender heart. When she found out Landon was trying to track down a missing war dog, well how could she not volunteer to help him? However, when her world is turned upside down, she is more than happy to have Landon around.

Landon Pdf Download

Now if only they could find the dog and find out who was responsible for endangering his life…

War Heroes 2 legged and 4 legged got me hooked every time. Book 18 of the War Dogs story is a bit darker than some of the others, and sadly it’s seen around the world. Don’t despair, there is a HEA! Landon gave so much to his country and helped his best friend who died of cancer and has three dogs of his own, Larry Curly and Moe. You have to read the book 🙂 Sabrina is a nurse before she was a hospice nurse and now she works in geriatrics at her grandmother’s hospital.

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Landon tries to find Chica (the war dog). After running into Sabrina a few times, he tells the story and she gets in touch to help. She donates her time to help a veterinarian and rescue groups. There’s intimidation, dosing, corruption and more in this book, it can make a big impact. I felt like it needed more closure on the corruption side, and the epilogue seemed to jump right in. I went from the last page of the story to the epilogue thinking I missed something. In short, another enjoyable read that entertains and makes you think.


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