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Let’s Start Over : A Secret Baby Office Romance book pdf download for free or read online, also Let’s Start Over : A Secret Baby Office Romance pdf was written by Ajme Williams.

Ajme Williams – mother, wife, daughter, dreamer, avid reader, and author.

When she is not writing romance novels, Ajme can be seen drinking coffee, drinking dark chocolate, exercising, or traveling with family and friends. Cooking is therapeutic for her and she drools over Italian food… and men.

What can you expect from her books?

Ajme loves variety, so expect plenty of second chances, secret babies, office romances, fake weddings, curvy heroines, and alpha heroes. hello? She always drinks!

If you’re a fan of angst-ridden, emotional contemporary romance, then you’ll like Ajme Williams.

BookLet’s Start Over : A Secret Baby Office Romance ( Billionaire Secrets Book 3 )
AuthorAjme Williams
Size660 KB

Let’s Start Over Book PDF download for free

Let's Start Over Book PDF download for free

Let’s Start Over is a full-length baby secret office romance with tons of forbidden antics, the kind that will make you laugh out loud. Filled with a lot of heart and warmth, all the books in this series stand on their own and promise a very satisfying happy ending. No cheating or cliffhangers, EVER.

Let’s Start Over Book Pdf Download

This is the story of Lane and Archer. Lane met with Archer in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when she and her friends went on vacation together. Her friends left her after meeting with some guys. Lane meets Archer as he sits on the beach looking out at the water.

They end up spending the week together. Archer is a Navy Seal and is on vacation. Lane doesn’t know his real name so she calls him Joe. After a week together, she returns to find out that she is pregnant. She doesn’t know how to contact Joe. Now, 10 years later, she’s at a friend’s party and she’s ready to go when she sees Joe again. She is surprised to see him there.

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Archer sold her business to Noel St. Martin and now works for him. She needs help setting up the business, so she calls her friend Dane. She meets up with Dane to get the help he needs. Archer and Dane talk for a bit and Dane tells him that he needs a good assistant. Archer wants to know if he knows a good one. Dane tells him yes and he calls. Lane walks into his office and Dane introduces her to Archer. He tells her that he is a good friend and that he needs help building and recruiting a team. At first, she is unsure about working for Archer. She couldn’t forget their week together.

Lane ends up working for Archer, but it’s a bit difficult at first. They end up getting together and then she tells him that he’s her boss and she can’t go back. She doesn’t tell him anything about her daughter at this point. Lane runs the business the way it should be. One day Noel is there and he is talking to Lane about Archer. After their conversation, Lane decides not to tell Archer about Ella Emery’s daughter. Lane doesn’t want to distract Archer from his work.

He told her that her job is for him. Things happen and Archer is at Dane’s house and Dane’s wife Bridget walks in and they had been talking about Lane. Bridget tells Archer to go to a certain place around 1:00 AM. m. and she could see Lane. Archer is there and when he sees the Lane come in, with a little girl with her. Archer does the math and realizes the girl is his.

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He goes to Lane and she is surprised to see him there. He asked her, “Is she mine?” Lane tells her it’s her. Archer is upset that he has a daughter he didn’t know about. He thinks Lane had plenty of time to tell him about Emery.

He tells her that they need to talk. It takes a few days for Archer to settle in and he calls her and asks if they can talk. She wants to do it in a public place but he said no. In the end, she goes to his apartment to have the conversation. They patched things up and she invited him to dinner the next night so he could meet Emery. She still thinks Archer puts his work above all else.

This point is proven when she receives a phone call and leaves Lane and Emery. She won’t let Archer hurt her daughter by not being there for her. She tells him that what Noel told her about him. They agree that Archer should spend time alone with Emery. While Archer has Emery, Lane is dating Tim. Emery isn’t too happy about this and lets Lane know. Archer has a case he’s working on and it’s not going too well. Harper has a stalker after her and her brother Bran wants her locked up in her house.

Unable to live like this, Harper convinces Archer to take her and her friend Anne with him one night. Things are not going well on the trip. Bran finds out where they are and arrives at the club. He fires Archer and lets Harper go home, where he locks her up and won’t let her have any friends or leave her. Archer is at Lane’s house when he gets a call from Harper.

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Lane wants to go with him this time. When they arrive at Harper’s, she is not happy. There’s a bodyguard out front who won’t let anyone in to see Harper. Archer tells the man that if Harper wanted, she could call the police because he was holding her at her house against her will. Things don’t go so well as Archer talks with Bran. Lane agreed to do something for Harper outside.

Harper and her friend Ann had planned to do business together and Ann needed a check from Harper. Lane then agreed to take the check to Ann. It was just a ruse by Harper’s stalker Kerby to get to her. Kerby takes over for Lane instead of Harper. He loves Harper.

Kerby calls Archer and tells him that she will trade Lane for Harper and that they have an hour to get to him. Archer has one of her boys find out from her where Kerby has taken Lane and is ready to go after her. Before she can leave, Noel walks in and wants to leave with the team.
Will Archer get to the Lane in right time before Kerby hurts her?

Will Lane and the Archer work things out between them and can become the family they want to be?
This was a truly wonderful book and I would truly recommend it to anyone.

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