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Love And Other Words book pdf download for free or read online, also Love And Other Words pdf was written by Christina Lauren.

Christina Lauren (the combined pseudonym of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) is an American contemporary fiction, young adult and romance author duo.

The couple met in year 2009 while writing fan fiction online, and in year 2010 they became co-authors, signing agent Holly Root of the Waxman-Leavell Literary Agency in year 2011. In year 2017, Holly Root founded Root Literary.

The author of eighteen New York Times bestsellers, his work is currently translated into more than 30 languages.

Together they present workshops and have been speakers at events such as the RT Booklovers Convention, Book Expo of America (BEA), Romance Writers of America (RWA), and are frequent guests at San Diego Comic Con International.

BookLove And Other Words
AuthorChristina Lauren
Size1.6 MB
CategoryFiction Romance Novel

Love And Other Words Book PDF download for free

Love And Other Words Book PDF download for free

Macy Sorensen settles into an ambitious yet emotionally lukewarm routine: working hard as a new pediatrician, planning her marriage to an older, financially secure man, keeping her head down and her heart hidden.

But when she meets Elliot Petropoulos, her first and only love of her life, her carefully constructed bubble begins to unravel. Once upon a time, Elliot was Macy’s entire world: he went from being her literal lanky friend to the man who opened her heart again after losing her mother… only to break it the night she loved him. he confessed his love for her.

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Told in alternate timelines between then and now, teenagers Elliot and Macy go from being friends to much more: spending lazy weekends and summers together in a house outside San Francisco, devouring books, sharing their favorite words. and talk about their growing pains and their triumphs. As adults, they have become strangers to each other until their chance reunion.

Though her memories are clouded by the agony of what happened that night all those years ago, Elliot will understand the truth behind Macy’s decades of silence and will have to transcend the past and transcend herself to revive her belief in the possibility of a future. all-consuming love.

Love And Other Words Book Pdf Download

Through the narration of the past and the present, Christina Lauren takes the reader on a journey into the past of Elliot and Masie, from when they met until they fell in love and then parted ways. The two meet again eleven years after their separation from her, and Elliot is just as in love with her as he was when he was a teenager. But one problem: Masie is engaged.

Christina Lauren almost always writes delicious, steamy chemistry with great jokes and dream heroes. These things are present in Love and Other Words. Even though Elliot’s character fell into the “too perfect to be real” category, I was still very impressed by his intelligence, nerd and sweetness of him.

Lauren constructed her love story as children very well, showing the reader how these two bookish nerds fell in love over the course of several years. I loved reading her past love story. In a way, we got what I call a “double love story” because we got to see them fall in love twice. This book made me addicted to it because I always needed to know what was going to happen next. I love when that happens!

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This is Christina Lauren’s first foray into women’s literature, so I was curious to see how her talent as a writer translates to this new genre for her. My biggest question was how they would handle the conflict. In the past, the conflict in some of her stories wasn’t the strongest, leading to the entire story being scrapped in case it exploded.

In an attempt to explain some of the plot tricks, Lauren asks the reader to believe a lot. Somehow, Elliot didn’t know that Masie’s father had died. After years of being best friends and deeply in love, Elliot tried to approach Masie without aggression. On the other hand, didn’t Masie want to talk to Elliot about what she saw? I don’t buy it.

If she had been infatuated enough to drive hours to see him that night, that same girl would have banged on her door and punched her in the chest and yelled, “WHAT THE HELL?!” Neither Elliot nor Masie met their mutual friends in nearly six years of friendship until the night they parted ways. Masie was engaged when she returns to see Elliot. But it’s a little too convenient that her fiancé isn’t really that interested in her and it was totally fine that she ended it.

Both characters felt like the same type of character that we’ve seen in other Christina Lauren-type books. We have the really nerdy sensitive and the professional woman whose job didn’t really play a role in her character. However, I did enjoy seeing Lauren write a story with ordinary people rather than the high-level executives we’ve seen in the past.

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Since this is billed as women’s fiction, I expected to see more interplay between Masie’s work and life, and a more developed emotional arc for Masie’s character. None of those things really happened here. To me it felt more like a contemporary romance and less like a women’s novel. Also, Elliot’s life in the present is not explored in detail. She couldn’t even tell you what she does or what she likes (other than Masie and literature).

I really didn’t like that we found out that Elliot had essentially been raped, but that trauma was not investigated or addressed in any way. Rather, the focus was on the rift between him and Masie.

I enjoyed reading his love story as a teenager and seeing them reconnect in the future. If you’re an avid reader of women’s literature, this book might leave you wanting more. But if you’re into second-chance romance, I highly recommend giving it a try (with a few caveats), especially to meet the lovable Elliot.

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