Download How The Grump Saved The Christmas [PDF] By Claire Kingsley

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How The Grump Saved The Christmas book pdf download for free or read online, also How The Grump Saved The Christmas pdf was written by Claire Kingsley.

BookHow The Grump Saved The Christmas
AuthorClaire Kingsley
Size1.42 MB

How The Grump Saved The Christmas Book PDF download for free

How The Grump Saved The Christmas Book PDF download for free

Hardworking Isabelle Cook has a serious problem. His family’s farm, where the Tilikum Christmas Village is located, is in trouble. Big problem. And worst? The man trying to buy it is none other than the grumpiest, grumpiest man of them all: Elias Stoneheart.

That’s a big no. She doesn’t let him intervene. Not with a heart of coal.

Elias Stoneheart is in the business of making money, not friends. Especially when your boss promises a long-awaited promotion. All he has to do is convince a troubled family to sell their farm.

The problem? It is the Cook family farm. And Isabelle Cook is his ex.

He may have a history with Isabelle, but that’s just business. A Christmas-loving peasant girl will not stand between him and his ambition.

And Christmas? hates it The Christmas village has to go.

But while Elias spends time in the small town, the Christmas spirit gets under his skin – and Isabelle. And she might be the only one who can melt the ice around his heart.

Author’s Note: A naughty farm girl takes on a grumpy businessman in this snowy, small-town indie Christmas romance. Spicy jokes, a guard dog donkey, lots of Christmas spirit and a heartwarming happy ending will make you believe in the magic of Christmas.

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How The Grump Saved The Christmas Pdf Download

How The Grump Saved The Christmas was like a warm hug on a cold winter’s day. It was absolutely charming, funny and very moving and Elias and Isabelle were perfect. I loved this story!

Isabelle was resolute, hardworking and determined. She is determined to save her family’s farm, but her renewed feelings for Elias derail her plans. I loved her big heart and how protective she is of her family.

Elias is the ultimate Grinch. He HATES anything Christmas related and has no time for real feelings. His past has made him suppress all feelings and lock his heart in ice. Spending time with Isabelle while he tries to convince her to sell her family’s farm starts to melt the ice and makes her realize what’s really important in life.

Both workaholics had to learn to lean on someone else and let someone else take care of their worries. I loved watching them rediscover their relationship and find the much-needed closure to move on to a brighter future. Elias really showed a lot of character development and it was so beautiful and emotional to see his journey to salvation.

Stephen Dexter and Samantha Brentmoor are fantastic at playing Elias and Isabelle. Stephen made me laugh out loud with his Grinch remarks and Samantha was the perfect embodiment of Isabelle. The audio is just as fun as the book.

This story was like stepping into a fast-paced Hallmark Christmas movie. If you’re reading a book this holiday season, do like Grumpy saved Christmas. Full of Christmas cheer, love and lots of heart, this story is an absolute treat!

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How The Grump Saved The Christmas is a delightful Christmas romance. Isabelle’s family owns a Christmas farm, which hosts the town’s Christmas celebrations. Elias works for a company trying to buy Isabelle’s family farm.

We find out that Elias and Isabelle are connected in many ways, which complicates the possible sale, especially since Isabelle is 100% against the sale. Elias is very much a Grinch or a Scrooge and has a very numerical view of life. Isabelle loves the holidays and is the spirit of Christmas personified.

This book felt like The Grinch and an adult Christmas Carol and is a fun way to ring in the holiday season!

This book showed a big change in Claire’s writing style and her range is outstanding when writing different types of stories.

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