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May We Rise book pdf download for free or read online, also May We Rise pdf was written by K. G. Reuss.

BookMay We Rise
AuthorK. G. Reuss
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May We Rise Book PDF download for free

May We Rise Book PDF download for free

possessive. Violent. Perfect. Own.

After our time at Black Falls High we moved to Mayfair, the college of my dreams. As my singing career takes shape, Fox’s football career is underway, Ethan’s photography, and Enzo’s and Cole’s. . .well, despite the secret things they do, life seemed good.

Too good.

If I know one thing about my life, it’s that nothing good lasts forever. When our past comes back to haunt us and new enemies appear on the horizon, we bond or remain buried in secrets and lies.

Knowing my boys, we will fight. And we. Will. To lift.

We Will Rise is the story of Rosalie and her four boys from Black Falls High in a new setting: college. New Threats. New secrets. New school. Read the foreword.

May We Rise Book Pdf Download

It was great to be back with Rosalie and her riders! We can see them starting this new chapter of their lives where they are just starting college.

Each of them is still trying to overcome their past traumas from Black Falls High while navigating their college life, new friends, classes and their relationship. Rosalie really starts to set her own boundaries and stand up to her boys in this book. She’s really struggling to accept the lifestyle that being with Enzo entails and just wants to have normal college experiences.

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Fox is the new star quarterback trying to balance football and fame, his classes, time with Rosalie and the danger that awaits them. Ethan… he’s still so confused from all the horrible things he’s been through and while I’m glad he found something to help him focus on something other than the trauma, he really needs to Rosalie to say.

Cole is still psychotic, possessive and my favorite! He really wants to have a baby with Rosalie and he won’t lie, I really want him too. Enzo is in a really difficult situation because the mafia is his life, but he puts Rosalie in danger and she doesn’t want that life. He wants to protect her and I think he comes to a very sad conclusion about how to do that.

I was really glad we finally got some answers as to who a specific character we met in the Kings of Bolten series was and why he was so important to riders. After meeting them I am saddened by what happened to them in this series. As for the other character we meet who is too close to Rosalie… I hate her and don’t trust her, especially after the last chapter.

This book picked up steam quickly and was filled with drama and suspense! I have a bad feeling about the next book, but at least this was the most entertaining cliffhanger we’ve ever gotten from KG. lol I can’t wait for the next one to see what happens next with Rosalie and the drivers!

My god I’ve waited so long for this book and I wasn’t disappointed. First, if you haven’t read the entirety of BFH, put this down and read all 4 books in this series. You need the backstory to understand the relationship between Rosie and the Riders. This series was originally going to be a duet, but KG had so much on his cool head that it’s now going to be a 3 book series that I love and hate (just for having to wait). In this book, we also get some of the missing parts of the Kings of Bolten crossover as it began.

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This is the start of college for the riders and Rosalie. The beginning of her life is drawn into the mafia lifestyle. Fox is the big man on campus, Cole is the possessive cute psycho (faint), Ethan is the broken soul, and Enzo is the alpha leader. In this book, given all she’s been through, Rosie is more insecure about herself and her self-worth. I love that she’s starting to have her voice with the boys and starting to find herself. I’m stuck #teamhateAnson but he’s giving Rosie something she needs to heal her soul.

The harem scenes together are FIRE man they work so well together 😉 Libraries, launch speedos and cars, OH MY

This one is a bit scared, for me it was Cole and Ethan. I won’t spoil anything, but you can see the natural shift, which I expect will become more apparent in the next book of their relationship. My poor sweet Cole is still reeling from Blossom and his openness to it really made me love the sweet psycho even more.

For the Queen of Cliffys, that was surprisingly nice, which makes me very nervous for the next 2 books, but I’ll read them tissues in hand anyway. I can’t wait for the rest of the series because, like Cole, I love torment.

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