Download Picking Up The Pieces [PDF] By Amanda Prowse

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Picking Up The Pieces book pdf download for free or read online, also Picking Up The Pieces pdf was written by Amanda Prowse.

BookPicking Up The Pieces
AuthorAmanda Prowse
Size486 KB

Picking Up The Pieces Book PDF download for free

Picking Up The Pieces Book PDF download for free

As Nora and her husband, a British Army officer, Gordy, pack up another house and leave the Cyprus sun for the drizzle of England, she can’t help but feel a sense of regret for not pursuing her own dreams, but also, honest if need be, because he ended up as an officer’s wife, driven through a life of temporary homes and temporary relationships.

Ever since she lost her parents at a young age, Nora’s life has been missing an anchor: someone or something that makes her feel safe. Their marriage was their only lasting relationship, and just when even that seems to be fading, tragedy forces Nora to take on the role of legal guardian to her seven-year-old nephew, Ted. Suddenly faced with a responsibility she never dreamed of, how is it possible for Nora to offer the boy the kind of unconditional love he deserves when she has never experienced it herself?

Picking Up The Pieces Pdf Download

But as she navigates the precarious and unknown world of parenthood, Nora begins to see herself through Ted’s eyes, as someone deserving of love and even joy. Greeted at the school gates by the previously intimidating group of mothers, she must ask herself: Is it too late to break down the other barriers she has put up and get a second chance at a happy marriage with Gordy?

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Nora’s career military husband just landed another promotion and they’re about to move again. She has been ungrounded since childhood. His parents were cold and indifferent. Their grandmothers were not particularly loving. His marriage seems to be falling apart and he keeps potential friends at a distance. Suddenly, this unstable world is turned upside down when her distant sister has a medical emergency and Nora has to take care of her nephew.

This break with her normal life forces Nora to accept the help of others. She begins to face her problems and begins to understand how her early life affected her current life. Ted the nephew needs your unconditional support.

Conflicting circumstances lead Nora to come out of her shell and grow closer. You realize what you really want from your life and take the necessary steps to bring about the changes.

This book makes the reader feel their despair and rejoice in their progress towards a full and loving life; takes care of his nephew, sister and new relationships all the time.

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