Download Nantucket Weddings [PDF] By Pamela M. Kelley

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Nantucket Weddings book pdf download for free or read online, also Nantucket Weddings pdf was written by Pamela M. Kelley.

BookNantucket Weddings
AuthorPamela M. Kelley
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Nantucket Weddings Book PDF download for free

Nantucket Weddings Book PDF download for free

Mia Maxwell used to have her dream job. She’s a sought-after wedding planner on Nantucket, and she’s not short of business. But she’s struggling a bit to love her job again. It was bittersweet planning other people’s weddings since her own fiancé died two weeks before the wedding. That was a year ago and he was starting to feel better when he came back from vacation to find his house on fire.

So he stays with Lisa at the Beach Plum Cove Inn for a while until her house is renovated. Mia is also worried about her younger sister and her best friend Izzy: she has a serious boyfriend who has become increasingly controlling over the past year.

It turns out there are several members of the Hodges family who could use Mia’s services: she’s planning not one wedding, but two. However, there are also some bumps along the way. Lisa has another longtime guest that she eagerly introduces to Mia. She finds this temporary neighbor both intriguing and frustrating, and makes it clear that she’s not even ready for a date. She’s really not sure if she ever will be.

Nantucket Weddings Book Pdf Download

I enjoy a book more when I can really relate to the places mentioned in the book. I was pleasantly surprised to read Nantucket’s wedding, and mention was made of Waltham, Massachusetts. I lived there. Regardless, Mia is still reeling from the death of her fiancee two weeks before their wedding. A year has passed and he has moved back to Nantucket from New York.

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Just when you thought you were feeling better, you come back from vacation to find your apartment on fire. She has a job which she really loves as a wedding planner. However, there are days when a dark cloud hangs over her. Eventually, she accepts a friend’s suggestion that she go to a grief group meeting. There he meets Sam.

Sam is from Nantucket. He’s still trying to come to terms with his wife’s death from cancer a year ago. This left him as a single father of two cute girls. His parents are close to him and are a great help to him. A lot happens in this story and you will turn the pages. I really loved every minute of this story and didn’t want it to end. yes it was that good

I liked these books in general, the first ones more than the last ones where I felt like I needed a cheat sheet to keep track of the characters and there were too many stories to follow.

However, I did find a few things on the show that started to bother me after a while, and I hope Pamela Kelley takes it as constructive criticism from a fan.

Too much quiche and too many meatballs. And too many descriptions of the foods served for breakfast at the Beach Plum Inn. Quiche, fresh fruit, bagels, cereal. hot coffee. Sometimes coffee cake. Day after day after day after day. Book by book by book.

Speaking of food, just because someone cooks a dish doesn’t mean they’re famous. In this series we’ve heard about Lisa’s famous stew, famous mimosa and lobster quiche, Kate’s famous clam dip, Abby’s famous stuffed mushrooms, Will’s famous juicy Lucy burgers, Will’s famous chip cookies from Kristen’s chocolate and peanut butter, etc. The famous word is not a necessity! Great, Fantastic, Well-known, Highly Appreciated, or Delicious may be better options from time to time. Even amazing!

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Too many women have been described with long blond hair. Brunettes don’t visit or live on Nantucket?

At times, the brand’s demise felt like product placement, with Bread and Butter Chardonnay and JOSH Cabernet being mentioned all too often. And Netflix. Anyone watching something that isn’t on Netflix? I know it’s an island but isn’t there a cable?

Looking forward to a book six with no quiche, no meatballs, where the heroine has short brown hair!

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