Download Never Marry A Scandalous Duke [PDF] By Renee Ann Miller

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Never Marry A Scandalous Duke book pdf download for free or read online, also Never Marry A Scandalous Duke pdf was written by Renee Ann Miller.

Renee Ann Miller writes historical romances that are sometimes funny, sometimes dark, but always sexy. She was a finalist in the RITA Awards® and Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart Contest®. She wrote her first book at the tender age of seven and even drew the impressive stick figures, though clearly those characters weren’t as sharp as the ones she writes now.

Renee lives in the Northeast with her husband and she always looks forward to spring in winter. She loves gardening, DIY projects, and baking. And although she grew up in a household of hockey fans, she now watches soccer, which is unavoidable in her household.

BookNever Marry A Scandalous Duke
AuthorRenee Ann Miller

Never Marry A Scandalous Duke Book PDF download for free

Never Marry A Scandalous Duke Book PDF download for free

A thoroughly mischievous nobleman and a devoted entomologist have absolutely nothing in common, do they? Love is anything but scientific when it really blooms. . .

In the eyes of the container, Lady Sara Elsmere is so firmly on the shelf that she might as well be pinned.

Not that Sara cares. Her study of butterflies worries her much more than the gossip of society. Of course, it’s also true that the nervous laughter that ruined Sara’s debut, and every social event since, is a bit embarrassing. She can hardly help it: men are quite stressful.

Except for one: the jerk who drags her into a dark room during a costume ball and kisses her senseless. He doesn’t make her laugh, he makes her burn. . .

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Ian McAllister, the Duke of Dorchester, is perfectly content to remain a villain for the rest of his life. But when he realizes that he has kissed the wrong shepherdess, albeit a decidedly voluptuous one, he is faced with a dilemma.

His indiscretion with an innocent man may cost him a lucrative business deal, and his two wards need a motherly influence they can’t help. Promising Sara that she will use her dowry to finance her studies, he seals the couple’s deal. But as they begin their life together, they discover that their mutual attraction has created a desire that is not easy to tame and certain feelings that surprise them all.

Is it possible that their marriage experiment ends in real love?

Never Marry A Scandalous Duke Book Pdf Download

Miller’s characters are amazing and the story is captivating.

Ian and Sara have had chemistry ever since they met. They are two alike in many ways: they both have families that have abused them, albeit in different ways. This mistreatment has a lasting effect on how they see themselves and what they want. They are both strong, stubborn, headstrong and good-hearted characters. It was a delight to see how these two characters interacted with each other and with those around them. I love character development and this story had it all for the two main characters.

While I found the plot to be a bit slow moving at times overall, I did enjoy the story and subplot. The romance is sweet, hot, and perfect for these characters. I enjoyed the subplots, although I wish Sara’s brother and sister (especially her sister) got a taste of their own medicine. The way Miller handled it was perfect for the characters. The ending wrapped up all the loose ends nicely and in a way befitting the main characters and their development.

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The sex scenes are in situ and open door, of which there are several.

Tropes: marriage of convenience, bluestocking, and turning enemies into lovers.

The story is easy to read and fun.

Quite an entertaining book. I love how they confuse each other at first and add something to each other’s lives, even after some villainy made them move on. The story is so fluid that before you know it you will have spent several captivating hours reading the book to the end.

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