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No Plan B book pdf download for free or read online, also No Plan B pdf was written by Lee Child.

Lee Child is one of the world’s top leading thriller writers. He was born in the Coventry, grew up in Birmingham and now lives in New York. It is said that every nine seconds, somewhere in the world, one of his novels featuring his hero Jack Reacher is sold.

His books regularly reach the number one spot on bestseller lists around the world and have sold over a hundred million copies. Two blockbuster Jack Reacher movies have been made so far. He has received many awards, most recently Author of the Year at the British Book Awards 2019. He was named CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honors 2019.

BookNo Plan B
AuthorLee Child
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No Plan B Book PDF download for free

No Plan B Book PDF download for free

In the Gerrardsville, Colorado, a woman dies under the wheels of a moving bus. Death is declared suicide. But Jack Reacher saw what was really happening: A man in a gray hoodie and jeans, moving surreptitiously, pushed the victim to his death before quickly grabbing the dead woman’s purse and walking away.

When another murder turns out to be an accident, Reacher knows it’s no coincidence. With a killer on the loose, Reacher doesn’t have time to track down those responsible.

No Plan B Book Pdf Download

Little does Reacher know that these crimes are part of something much bigger and more far-reaching: an arsonist out for revenge, a foster child on the run, a group of very powerful people involved in the secret conspiracy with many moving parts. There’s no room for error, but take it seriously. They don’t see Reacher as a threat. “The stakes are quite high to run from the shadows.” But Reacher is not a shadow. He’s flesh and bone. And ruthless when it comes to making things right.

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No Plan B book by Lee Child, Andrew Child is a highly recommended action thriller and the 27th novel in the Jack Reacher book series.

Jack Reacher is driving through Gerrardsville, Colorado when he witnesses a man smuggle a woman under the wheels of a moving bus. He is the only witness who fully saw the murder and the killer who took the woman’s purse. The death is ruled a suicide, but Reacher, being himself, has been hunting the killer and is now a target. If he’s urging not to get involved, he doesn’t care. He leaves to find out why the woman was killed and who is responsible. The problem is that those in charge don’t really understand Reacher’s talents and believe that any threat he poses can be easily eliminated.

In addition to the main story, which follows Reacher’s quest for justice, there are two other subplots. In one, a 15-year-old boy runs away from his Los Angeles foster home after learning his father’s identity from his dying birth mother. The second is a father, also an arsonist, seeking revenge for his son’s death.

This thriller moves at a fast pace, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Series readers know that if Reacher delivers justice and stops the bad guys, there will be violence. Reacher should be a familiar character by this point, along with his physicality, background, and determination to right wrongs and bring about justice in every situation he encounters. You may have to be incredulous, but No Plan B, the latest addition to the series, will be read for the action movie plot, clever fight scenes, and escapism.

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Dissatisfied with the lack of investigation into a murder he witnessed, Reacher takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, a mechanic seeks his own brutal brand of justice for a substandard product he bought, and a young boy embarks on a dangerous bus ride. The three storylines get closer and closer as the novel progresses.

NO PLAN B is Lee and Andrew Child’s first collaboration story, which felt like an old Reacher novel to me. Despite the three storylines, the story focused very well on a group of villains who showed up early. Reacher relied on his intelligence and physical abilities to knock his many opponents off the field.

In previous books in the series, Reacher would often bond with his romantic partners throughout the story. In the co-authored books and Andrew Child’s short story “New Kid in Town” in the Don Bruns anthology HOTEL CALIFORNIA, Reacher is all about casual connections. While I miss the connection building above, the pacing of Reacher’s romantic date in NO PLAN B was super fun.

The opening chapter, which involved a six-person undercover meeting, may not have enough character development to immediately captivate a reader new to the series. However, some of the hired muscles, notably Pep and Harold the Hulk, and the motel employee were beautifully drawn. The ending seemed a bit rushed. However, I really enjoyed watching Reacher do what he does best in this latest installment.

Another exciting episode of the Jack Reacher series! Reacher sure has a way to find trouble, or trouble finds it. In this film, a woman is hit by a bus and dies in Colorado. Reacher believes she was pushed in front of him and chases after the perpetrator. Shortly thereafter, a friend of the murdered woman dies. Then he goes to the races and never stops. This investigation jumps from Colorado to a Mississippi prison where something very fishy is going on and Reacher is determined to find out what.

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When I read one of these Jack Reacher books, it’s for fun. However, any belief in reality must be suspended because Reacher looks so much like a comical superhero. Some of the situations he finds himself in (and comes out of) are completely unbelievable. Once you really stop being practical, these are just fun reads with an exciting hero. This one had some really evil villains who got away with some despicable practices for years.

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