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Not So Wicked book pdf download for free or read online, also Not So Wicked pdf was written by Adele Clee.

BookNot So Wicked
AuthorAdele Clee
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Not So Wicked Book PDF download for free

Not So Wicked Book PDF download for free

Visiting the devil in the middle of the night was not a good idea. But if Miss Mina Stanford hoped to survive to see her next birthday, she had to convince the dangerous Devon Masters not to duel her brother. Of course, her task would have been much easier if she hadn’t been mistaken for a Cyprian and taken to her bedroom.

But this fateful encounter changes her life in ways she never imagined. Because when Mr. Masters is arrested for the murder of his brother, Mina is the only person who can prove his innocence.

Should a woman do the right thing, even if it leads to ruin?

Will Mr. Masters prove that he’s not so bad after all?

Not So Wicked Pdf Download

Thanks to her brother’s recklessness, Miss Mina Stanford has no choice but to visit the notorious Devon Masters in the middle of the night and beg him not to face her brother the next morning. Her difficult and humiliating task becomes even more challenging when her butler, assuming she must be a Cypriot, leads her into the man’s private chambers.

But this chance meeting changes Mina and Devon’s lives forever when he is arrested for the murder of her brother and she is the only one who can explain her innocence, ruining her reputation for saving a man from a crime. unfair punishment.

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This way of applying marriage of convenience is like catnip to me. Mina and Devon meet because he is the only one she can go to for mercy for his brother, but when his brother is found murdered, Mina ends up being the one to save Devon from immediate condemnation by an incompetent inspector who she can preserve.

I loved the fact that Mina and Devon dated and got married at the beginning of the book and worked together the rest of the time to solve the mystery of her brother’s murder. We got cameos from the couples from the previous books and I liked that too.

The mystery here was very elaborate and a bit dark, and I loved how it ended and especially how Devon and Mina’s bond grew stronger each day they spent together. I loved that he wanted to create intimacy between them, even though he was quite cynical. They established open and honest communication with each other from the beginning and I loved that.

This made their relationship feel very strong very quickly and I think this might be the most interesting book I’ve read by this author so far (I totally agree if you can’t tell). Not So Wicked worked very well for me and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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