Download Saving Her Highland Traitor [PDF] By Maeve Greyson

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Saving Her Highland Traitor book pdf download for free or read online, also Saving Her Highland Traitor pdf was written by Maeve Greyson.

BookSaving Her Highland Traitor
AuthorMaeve Greyson
Size415 KB

Saving Her Highland Traitor Book PDF download for free

Saving Her Highland Traitor Book PDF download for free

21st Century tour guide Mila Carthson and her godson Robbie are excited to embark on their first tour of the season in their new minibus. They weathered a horrific year of bullying and three family deaths. It is now spring and time for new beginnings. It can only get better.

But after hours on the road with tourists who behave worse than spoiled children, Mila begins to wonder. A packed lunch surrounded by the beauty of Glencoe is sure to enhance the day. She leads the group, then she and Robbie climb to higher ground to find some much-needed peace.

Saving Her Highland Traitor Pdf Download

As they eat, the strangest storm breaks out, and she and Robbie get so sick they can only hold it as the wind and rain lash them. When the weather improves, everything is different. Not just different, but incredibly changed. And someone comes. By horse. At a thunderous, breakneck pace.

The last thing 18th century chief Teague MacDonald needs is an unscheduled interruption in his search for the Campbell clan’s favorite whiskey. But his biggest weakness is picking up stray dogs. Particularly pretty girls. And this is all, burning too, like a newly lit torch. Despite her preoccupation with hunting down the bloody Campbells, smuggling, and discreetly furthering the Jacobite cause, this pretty girl is too attractive to ignore.

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And the longer he’s with her, the more he loves her, wishing she’d let him save her from the terrible secret that sent her and the boy running in the first place. One way or another, she will earn her trust. And with a little luck, she wins even more.

Mila was many things. Tour guide. surrogate mother grieving friend. But the eighteenth century transforms her into something she never expected: a woman in love like she has never been before. Except she knows that Teague will be executed soon. She read it while investigating the remains of his castle in the 21st century.

Saving Her Highland Traitor by Maeve Greyson is a time travel and highland romance. Mila Carthson isn’t exactly the most outgoing person, and when she picks up a bunch of American ladies on her tour bus, she’s not in the mood anymore. Luckily she has hers her godson Robbie hers with her. She is now her guardian after her parents died in a car accident. He’s not really more sociable than her, but her good attitude in private makes her stronger. Women are as bad as they were warned. It’s finally lunch and Mila and Robbie head upstairs to eat, ostensibly to check the weather.

A mighty wind rises there and blows until the world has changed around it. Robbie discovers that they went back in time. They are soon stopped by a Scottish laird and his men, who seem determined to protect them. They travel several days to the Laird’s Castle, a place where Mila had been often, though in her day it was in ruins. She slowly falls in love with this man, scared because she remembers that the story says that he was executed for treason that same year.

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In her new situation, Mila has learned a lot about love and life. She also discovered that these people don’t judge Robbie’s size anywhere near as they did in his day. It was exciting to see him come to himself, her with people who allowed him to be who he was. She hadn’t realized that Teague telling the clan she was moving into her room with him meant they were married.

She was thrilled when she discovered this fact. With some help, she learned that she couldn’t change history, but she had other plans to save Teague’s life. She was a strong modern woman who managed to prosper 500 years ago. The plot was excellent, much better than many time travel novels. The characters were strong, even a lot of the supporting characters. The book also contained a strong message about how to make the rules work for you. I loved it.

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