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Only Mine book pdf download for free or read online, also Only Mine pdf was written by Laura Pavlov.

BookOnly Mine
AuthorLaura Pavlov
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Only Mine Book PDF download for free

Only Mine Book PDF download for free

Wolf Wayburn is really the devil in an Armani suit. Most women would drop to their knees at the sight of it. Lucky for me, I’m not most women.

When we first met, he interrupted me at a gas station.
So I showed him the bird and made fun of his family jewelry.
The second time we met, he tried to fire me.
He fired, and missed.
For now.

Wolf Wayburn was a former Navy SEAL with an attitude.
But he would take a lot more than the big bad wolf to scare me.
He had ninety days to conquer the man.

Only Mine Pdf Download

To convince him that I’m the right person for the job.
But spending endless amounts of time with him turned out to be more challenging than she expected.
He was stubborn, brooding, charming, and sexy all at the same time.

He despised him as much as he wanted him.
We taunted and joked and terrorized each other for weeks on end.
The first time he got down on one knee he wanted to search me for a weapon.

The second time… it was a completely different story.
I never intended to fall in love with the enemy.
Because she knew it was easier to hate Wolf Wayburn than to love him.

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If you look up a “force of nature” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Dylan Thomas beaming proudly next to it. She’s a Spitfire on wheels taking on the world and nothing can stop her, not even the big bad wolf. The moment Wolf unknowingly runs into Dylan in a gas station parking lot and she calls out to him, he knows his controlled world will never be the same again. The tension between Wolf and Dylan escalates as they proudly tell each other that they hate each other, but are saying the opposite with their actions, but are they too blind to see what’s right in front of them?

Dylan and Wolf are two fiercely independent people who shouldn’t work together, but they should fit like a glove. They are equals in every sense of the word and both know they can stand on their own, but together they are stronger and better. Wolf is grumpy, tough and stoic, but an absolute fag for all that Dylan is, and would do anything for her, regardless of himself. Dylan wasn’t looking for anyone or anything until Wolf broke down her walls, took her hand, and she lets all the feelings feel

Only Mine is the perfect ending to Laura Pavlov’s Honey Mountain series and I can’t wait for the start of her new series with the Thomas sisters’ cousins, starting with Hugh.


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