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Owned book pdf download for free or read online, also Owned pdf was written by A.K Rose And Atlas Rose.

AuthorA.K Rose And Atlas Rose
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Owned Book PDF download for free

Owned Book PDF download for free

The author does not disappoint with this series as it is action packed and exciting. The story now focuses on Vivienne and the mystery surrounding her about who she really is after Vivienne’s friend Ryth went into hiding with her men. When Vivienne is sold to London and her children, she slowly discovers more truths about who she really is and how they really protect her. The drama between these four really kept me on my toes as they are dark and intense. Vivienne is not a damsel and she loves it when it comes to her men hers. I look forward to more of these characters in the next book.

While this book focuses on Vivienne, I would read the three books before this one, since that’s where she and her children were introduced and Carries builds references and worlds from those books.

Owned Pdf Download

I really liked Vivienne’s character. She’s feisty, headstrong, and willing to push buttons. She doesn’t want to be controlled and gets into the shoes of London, Colt and Carven. Even though she knows she can’t escape her circumstances, all she longs for is to belong somewhere. Vivienne also shows vulnerability, awareness and protection towards other people who are important to her.

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London St. James was definitely portrayed as callous and deceitful in the first three books, but we’re seeing a new side of him here. He saved her children and has long been searching for Vivienne, though he uses her as a pawn in a larger plan. While he expected him to be more open with her before her to avoid misunderstandings, I understand that he didn’t know how much he would feel for her. He also shows that he is self-sacrificing when it comes to Colt and Carven, and that his hands are tied when it comes to the Order. He is imaginative and also tries to move the pieces so that his family can finally be free.

Foal! Although he was known for being quiet and ruthless, he is also the most caring. Protect yourself Carven grows up and has now become Vivienne’s silent protector. Although he too has been through some darkness, he has an innocence about him. He’s definitely one of the most lovable characters here.

Carven could definitely be considered the baddest of the twins, but only because he wants to take care of his brother because of what she’s done for him. He may be bolder and hotheaded, but he cares deeply for London and Colt and recognizes what they need.

Owned story definitely makes me turn the pages, and like Ruth and hers-hers-boys, I want to know how Vivienne and hers-hers-men can break free from the clutches of the Order. With every twist and turn there were steps forward and backward. There were wins and losses. Most importantly, there were connections and a strong family bond that formed between the four of them. And after this cliffhanger, I desperately hope that nothing bad happens to Vivienne and that the four of them can find her HEA. Even Ruth and her children who are still in hiding.

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