Download Dirty Crazy Bad 2 [PDF] By Siobhan Davis

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Dirty Crazy Bad 2 book pdf download for free or read online, also Dirty Crazy Bad 2 pdf was written by Siobhan Davis.

BookDirty Crazy Bad 2
AuthorSiobhan Davis
Size802 KB

Dirty Crazy Bad 2 Book PDF download for free

Dirty Crazy Bad 2 Book PDF download for free

The thrilling conclusion to Dirty Crazy Bad Duet from USA Today and WSJ bestselling author Siobhan Davis.

In the secret society The Luminaries, no sin goes unpunished…

The Greed & Gluttony luminary tricked us into carrying out his evil plans, and it seems we have no choice but to agree. Carter orchestrated Chad’s kidnapping and has my mother’s life in his hands.

He then drops a game changer.

We must play our role, or at least appear to, because the fate of our loved ones and the world in general depends on it. No choice.

Dirty Crazy Bad 2 Pdf Download

It’s a delicate balancing act with many obstacles and no guarantee of success. Carter has spent years planning his acquisition, and it’s impossible to know who to trust.

Teamwork is really the only way we can defeat him. But that’s a challenge when relationships have broken down, children are sworn enemies, and loyalties have been stretched to the limit.

It’s up to me to make this work, so I’ll put my pain aside to be there for Ares, Jase, and Chad.

Rhett Carter cannot become the Lord of the Lights and we are the only ones who can stop him.

This is a complete 131,000 word novel and book two of two. It can’t be read on its own and ends with a HEA for our heroine and her harem. This book contains adult content including swear words and graphic scenes. This is a dark reverse harem, secret society, step-sibling romance, and it may contain triggers for some readers.

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Dirty Crazy Bad 2 What a thrilling and emotional conclusion to Dirty Crazy Bad!

I expected action, I expected passion, and I also expected a wonderful story, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the great emotional turmoil surrounding a tattooed, pierced, perverted man named Ares.

Ares continued to amaze me throughout the duet, but he was particularly moved in the second half of this duet. I loved the character development of him, but it was the big emotional surprises from him that made me think about how he would or wouldn’t react to everything that happened in his life that really touched me. The struggle he felt, the weight he was carrying on his shoulders was felt by everyone around him and rolled off his sides.

It was apparent that while Ashley was the center of the boys’ world, Ares really took center stage when it came to how he was progressing with the whole polyamorous relationship between Jase, Chad, and Ares. He really shouldn’t be cocky, Are’s fight went deeper and watching him drive hit the spot. ❤

While Ares was a wonderfully complex character, Jase was my lovable favourite: he ticked all the boxes I love about a strong MC. His consistency and strength were easily the best parts of him in this second half of the book, and I admired his take on their relationship when I asked how they made it work; Ashley is the center and whatever she wants, she gets… um, yes please! Can all men learn a lesson from Jase? He’s not a pushover, especially when it comes to Ashley. He is the solid force when she needs him, whenever she needs him. No wonder he is my favorite.

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I don’t want to say much about Chad other than he has to catch up on the first book. However, after what he’s going through in this one, he’s so easy to forgive. Now my lips are really sealed on Ashley’s first love. I don’t want to put him in third place because I love him so much too and it’s hard to choose too. I think it’s great that Ashley isn’t happy with the choice either.

Speaking of Ashley, even though it’s not a copy of Lo because this isn’t Lo’s book, it’s Ashley’s and she’s wild in her own way. Ashley is sweet, sensitive, smart, and tough all rolled into one. She fights for her men as she feels things very deeply. Ashley also realizes that she wants all three men in her life, but she won’t push any of them to do anything she isn’t comfortable with or wants to do. She’s kind of an empath mixed with a warrior and she’s a great mix and very fitting for the three men in her life.

Dirty Crazy Bad 2 has a lot of secret society storytelling, but not so much that you can’t keep up with all the actors involved or all the supporting characters that develop out of it. Dirty Crazy Bad 2 is the perfect blend of emotion and passion.

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