Download Entranced By The Basilisks [PDF] By Lillian Lark

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Entranced By The Basilisks book pdf download for free or read online, also Entranced By The Basilisks pdf was written by Lillian Lark.

BookEntranced By The Basilisks
AuthorLillian Lark
Size398 KB

Entranced By The Basilisks Book PDF download for free

Entranced By The Basilisks Book PDF download for free

A human who opened the wrong spell book, her strict boss, and her “friend” who says he can help…
I have been cursed. Not metaphorically. No “Oh no! I spilled my coffee!” or “I broke my heel!”
I was cursed by a book and now I’m a danger to everyone I care about.

Having found out a few weeks ago that things that float in the night are real, this does nothing for my peace of mind.
Add to that the boss, who I can barely speak to, seems the only one with answers, and the tension between him and the seductive expert he’s brought over…

Entranced By The Basilisks Pdf Download

The prospects for this group project are dire… but my body acts like it knows things my mind won’t yet accept.

Spellbound by the Basilisk is a standalone monster romance set in the same world as Stalked by the Kraken, but best read after Deceived by the Gargoyles. This book has two love interests who are really also in a relationship with each other. There will be no choice between love interests.
Content Warning: This book contains descriptions of anxiety, snakes, deceit and manipulation perpetrated by the love interest, and grossly inaccurate snake anatomy.

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