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P S I Loathe You book pdf download for free or read online, also P S I Loathe You pdf was written by Isla Olsen.

USA TODAY bestselling Isla Olsen is the romantic novelist alter ego of a teenage fantasy writer. She discovered her love for romantic comedy when, after spending all her lost working hours in epic fantasy worlds, she decided she needed something light and fluffy to read in his spare time. She quickly became addicted to authors like Lauren Blakely, Tara Sivec and Rachel Van Dyken, and one day she discovered MM… and there was no turning back!

Isla lives in Melbourne, Australia with her giant Rhodesian Ridgeback hogging the bed; She’s a huge sports fanatic (yes, rugby is way better than soccer!), a chocolate addict, loves Chinese food and firmly believes the best music was created long before she was born.

BookP S I Loathe You
AuthorIsla Olsen
Size260 KB

P S I Loathe You Book PDF download for free

P S I Loathe You Book PDF download for free

P.S. I Loathe You is a stand-alone enemies to more, sister’s ex, online bromance, opposites attract rom-com with two swooned leads, quirky supporting characters, plenty of sexy moments and a guaranteed HEA.

P S I Loathe You Book Pdf Download

Isla Olsen is one of my favorite authors and this book showed me AGAIN why. Because he turned enemies into lovers, a trope I already love, and turned them into pure gold. Devon and Wes hated each other, but not for a bad reason. You just rubbed yourself wrong. Devon thought Wes was basically a lazy, cocky man who really didn’t give a fuck. Wes thought Devon had a post up his butt that needed to be removed. They were only in each other’s lives because Devon was engaged to Wes’ sister Emma.

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But don’t worry, there are no catches. Emma calls off the wedding before anything happens between Wes and Devon. In fact, Emma’s cancellation of the wedding is the reason the two men communicate in the first place. And then everything started fine.

I think my favorite part about this book was that they didn’t change from each other. Yes, they stopped hating each other, but the way they interacted with each other basically stayed the same the entire time. they were joking. They made fun of each other. They joked that they hated each other. They had some soft moments, but ultimately they were still the same people and it just WORKED for them. It was a dynamic that worked and was fun and told us a lot about them as characters.

The supporting characters in this book were just the right amount, they drove the plot and gave our MCs a life outside of the other. Emma was never a villain in the book, which we see far too often in plots like this, and I’m grateful Isla just chose NOT to do that. I loved the amicable breakup storyline between Emma and Devon and the way Devon realized Emma was right before actually starting anything with Wes, so it didn’t feel like a rebound.

All in all, this book is amazing. It is told in double perspective, in the first person. It has little distress and good flavor. Humor is exactly my style. The characters felt real and I just loved them. I loved every moment of this book and would recommend it to basically anyone.

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Sometimes when you don’t like someone, you might not know why. In Wes’ case, he was very upset when his sister started dating Devon. Things got worse when they got engaged. He just couldn’t understand it. However, when she broke up with him just two weeks before his wedding, he was very much happy. He could never know that this wouldn’t be the end of Devon.

Devon is shocked to learn why Emma broke up with him. He finds an email conversation with an advice columnist who suggests his cold feet are a sign. So he vents his frustration by replying to the columnist he didn’t mean to send this because the device he was writing this on wasn’t his, it was accidentally sent. This email has just been sent to one of Wes’ best friends. He was so upset when he read the email that he sent a reply himself. This began as a tug of war for some time between the two men.

Eventually it became clear that this was flirting and when they found out who was on the other end of the keyboard they decided to meet up in person and find out what was going on… neither could understand why their feelings were so strong towards each other. .

Would they act on their feelings? How will Emma react when she finds out what her brother and ex-fiancé have done? How will their families accept their decision? how far will they go

I enjoyed their jokes and the fun they had together. I also loved the acceptance they received from everyone.

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