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Player book pdf download for free or read online, also Player pdf was written by Hattie Jude.

AuthorHattie Jude
Size1.3 MB
CategoryRomance Novel

Player Book PDF download for free

Player Book PDF download for free

From Hattie Jude comes Player, a sexy and unique reason why you should pick up the academy romance in the Loxley Prep series.

The secrets I keep are catching up with me.

I have tried to keep my life as simple as possible out of necessity and for the safety of myself and my sister.

I kept my virginity, focused on my grades, and stayed out of trouble.

But the desire to live a normal life begins to override everything else.

All I can think about is the top three hockey players at Loxley Prep, especially when they start harassing me.

My plan was to get through my senior year and college and then have a comfortable, quiet existence with a nice, confident guy.

But Roscoe, Jude and Ethan have other plans, and believe me, nothing is certain about the three of them.

Player Book Pdf Download

I was so excited for Ever to get her own book and Player did NOT disappoint. Even a full 24 hours after reading this book, I’m still blown away by how much I loved it. I want to start off by saying yes, Ever is Lennon’s best friend and yes, we meet Ever in the Loxley Prep books, but there’s no need to read those books first if you don’t want to. Now with that being said, you should read them just because Lennon has an amazing story and you have timelines that run alongside each other.

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Now Always. This girl was strong before, but after reading this book, the strength she has is much more than anything she has recently read. Her life hasn’t been kind to her, but she refuses to be cruel to anyone, which includes the new kid at school, Ethan.

These two start off on the wrong foot, and no matter how hard Ever and her older sister Sadie try, that doesn’t seem to change. Senior year is going to be the year that Ever finally lets her wings fly a little and, with the help of Lennon and Sadie, works hard to get the best grades possible. Roscoe may have been the starting center for the Loxley Knights hockey team, but he feels it’s time to find his own dreams. He has no idea what they are, but he’s tired of putting dreams and the only girl he’s ever wanted on the back burner any longer.

He takes the opportunity from him and pushes to be Ever’s friend. He just so happens that at the same time his best friend Jude does the same thing. Jude is the quiet type, but then when he notices something, he’s completely into it. Ever has no idea what to do with all the attention, as he never lets anyone near him. That is until these guys keep pushing her to fly a little higher. When problems arise, will the guys be there to help or will they leave?

Oh my word these three guys. I love that they are the best of friends and the communication is amazing in this book. Once things are out in the open, you see that they all bloom a lot. Can we say cinema? WOW. The three of them play on the high school hockey team and each deal with their own personal issues. This was so well written that there was no way she could put it down because she needed to know what was next.

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Ever has been through a lot. She wanted to reach for the book and just hug the girl. She was fierce as a child and as strong as a teenager. She and Sadie are so strong and I’m Aww at both of them for everything they’ve accomplished and what they’ve been through.

I was really on the edge of my seat and needed to finish this book. I was thinking there was going to be a part 2 or a trilogy like the Lennon story. I was wrong, this is one and I did, so there was a lot going on. My emotions were all over the place as was Evers.

Ethan has some problems that he needs to solve. He and his brother Aaron have a lot in their lives that they have had to overcome to get to where they are today. Once again very inspiring as well as being able to work through all the crap life has thrown at you to become who you are and have the drive to make it happen. He has goals and Ever isn’t going to derail those goals no matter how much he wants her.

Roscoe has been drooling over Ever for years and finally has the guts to do something about it after he discovers something that could tear her family apart. His dreams and goals have changed and are now yours to fulfill.

Jude feels sadness for him, not only because he lost his brother, but he also lost his parents to grief. He needs them too, since he is still here, he wants praise and love from him. He has been wanting to get close to Ever for years, but he never has until now. He is tired of sitting behind her and smelling her hair.

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They all have flaws and things to overcome, it really isn’t easy being a teenager especially with its added stress and of course they all want the same girl. After a conversation with Wells, the four of them come to an understanding. For some fun and smexy moments.

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