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Pleasing Mr Parker book pdf download for free or read online, also Pleasing Mr Parker pdf was written by Elle Nicoll.

Elle Nicoll is a British author and former long-haul flight attendant who has spent years traveling the world inventing stories while trying to stay awake on night flights.

She writes very passionate, emotional, breathtaking contemporary romance novels, all based on love.

Elle loves to give her characters challenges that will grow them from the beginning of the story to their HEA. They have to fight hard for it… but when they get it, it’s worth it.

All Elle characters are different. Whether he’s a brooding CEO, a best friend who always had the heroine in his heart, a Hollywood heartthrob, or a silver fox with gentlemanly manners and a deliciously dirty tongue. They are all unique and annoying in their own way.

Because nobody is perfect.

When Elle isn’t writing, she’s trying to look like a mom who knows what she’s really doing, on her spin bike (which is where she gets a lot of ideas from), or looking forward to expanding her crystal collection (yup). , loves her. These and the vegan candles).

It means a lot to Elle that you read her stories and she loves hearing from readers.

BookPleasing Mr Parker
AuthorElle Nicoll
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Pleasing Mr Parker Book PDF download for free

Pleasing Mr Parker Book Pdf Download

This was a powerful story of faith, trust and love that impressed me. I laughed and cried and raged as I followed the stages of the bond that Maria and Griffin forged. This was the best book in the Men series so far. A truly moving HEA not to be missed. This book now holds a very special place in my heart.

Dirty-speaking Griffin Parker takes on the beautiful and confident Maria Taylor in this book that touched my heart. It’s full of everything you could wish for: love, mistrust, passion, mystery, a few tears and anger. Maria and Griffin show you what it feels like to go from one extreme to the other. Fighting the magnetism that exists between them, this couple tries not to mix business with pleasure.

Maria Taylor traveled to New York City from Hope Cove outside of Los Angeles to become a spa manager at The Songbird Hotel after being sought out by Griffin Parker. Passionate about the hotel, which has been in his family for generations, Griffin tends to be very tight about the running of his love, the hotel named after his grandmother, an actress. Maria finds that her lack of confidence in her decisions is a major barrier to her ability for her new position.

Griffin has an awkward habit of micromanaging that makes her nervous and causes her to begin to regret moving to New York. She also finds her new boss very distracting with his tailored suits and stunning blue eyes. When there’s a disagreement with a supplier, it creeps into your shopping spree in the Bahamas. While the two are in tropical paradise, passion flares between them and they both burn out. Unfortunately, Griffin was burned by a beautiful woman who previously worked for him and he is very suspicious of her personal and business life.

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Eventually, Griffin and Maria end up on the losing side in the struggle to keep the business going, only because their closeness to each other only tempts them more and more every day. Both fall in love almost obsessively. Griffin keeps telling Maria “You’re mine” and she doesn’t argue with him. But in every life storms will come. Will she remain his beacon that will guide him home, or will they crash into the rocks and go down with the ship?

I can only say: Wow!! Elle Nicoll captured me with this story and I literally read all afternoon and night and finished this story at 2am. m. to find out what happened to Maria and Griffen. Every time I put it down, I just ran back another chapter to see what happened next! I was hooked from the start and the sex was absolutely 5 stars! The things this man says are crazy! Honestly, I didn’t expect a possessive hero to talk so dirty about this author, but I loved every second of it. Seriously, Chapter 22 and the beach scene with the birds kept me busy all month.

This was so different from the other books in the men’s series. We’re hit with steam and sexy goodness from the very first line of the story,
“That’s it, baby. That’s my c**k. Take it all.”
My raunchy self was hooked and I loved that I didn’t check how far I was in the book before the heat turned up. It was amazing from the start.

I immediately feel sorry for grumpy alpha billionaire asshole Griffen who surprised me with his love for Maria. I thought I had to hunt him down and break down his walls, but this story was full of twists and turns. I sincerely hope that we see another book in the Men series and see where Maria and Griffen stand in the future.

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Pleasing Mr. Parker follows the story of billionaire hotelier Griffen Parker, whom we hear briefly about in the other Men books. He seeks out Maria (who played a prominent role in Book #4 of Capturing Mr. Wild) from California to work on his hotel and renovate the spa. Sparks fly, but both characters carry baggage from past relationships that they must overcome in order to move forward.

I know this was a standalone story, but again, the supporting characters in this story (Harley, Reed, and Will) are so well developed that I was excited at the possibility of their stories continuing and very pleased with the conclusion of the episodes main characters of this story.

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