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The Guarded One book pdf download for free or read online, also The Guarded One pdf was written by Brittney Sahin.

Brittney Sahin started writing at a young age and dreamed of becoming a published author before she was 18. Although academic pursuits (and later a teaching career) interrupted his aspirations, he never stopped writing, never stopped imagining.

It wasn’t until her students encouraged her to follow her dreams that Brittney said goodbye to upstate New York to start a new adventure in the place where she grew up: Charlotte, North Carolina. Here he decided to take the advice of his students and start writing again.

In 2015 he published his first novel Memorias silenciodas (The Safe Bet). When he’s not working on upcoming novels, he’s spending time with his family. She is the proud mother of two boys and a lover of thrillers, coffee and the outdoors.

BookThe Guarded One
AuthorBrittney Sahin
Size5.2 MB

The Guarded One Book PDF download for free

The Guarded One Book PDF download for free

He’s a grumpy small-town sheriff. And she’s the off-limits operator who can bring him to his knees.

Sydney Archer isn’t your typical billionaire’s daughter. A former army officer, he now works with an elite security team to hunt down the worst of the worst. . . all while raising a teenager.

To the outside world, Sydney is an ice queen deadly with a bow. To his son? She’s a heroine with a heart of gold, a heart that’s been broken too many times.

When a handsome and tough southern gentleman kidnaps her girls’ escape and needs help, she discovers he can bring them back to life in ways she never thought possible. And in paradise it gets hot quickly.

Beckett Hawkins returned to her hometown thirteen years ago and traded in her LAPD detective badge for a cowboy hat and the role of sheriff. She hoped to give her daughter a secure life and bury her past.

But when that past haunts him, he finds himself on a mission like no other. One that contains a stunning woman who disarms him at every turn with her cheek and smile, a woman who can bring down his heavily fortified walls.

When the operation goes awry from the start, Beckett and Sydney find themselves in a dangerous affair. . . and in the arms.

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Will they end up doing what they do best and protecting their hearts? Or can they restore their faith in love and together prove themselves unstoppable?

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brittney Sahin comes a suspenseful standalone military romance with no suspense and happily ever after.

The Guarded One Book Pdf Download

I am continually amazed by every new Brittney story I read. She ceases to amaze me with her story. You might think she can’t find another original high thriller romance, and yet she does so much more every time. I just can’t get enough of his writing and every time I finish one of his books I have a book crisis because how do you get past his masterpieces?

The Guarded One had one of my favorite stories Brittney has ever written! It was fast paced, action packed and the romance was perfect. Beckett and Sydney were characters in their previous books and it was amazing to see them tearing down each other’s walls in this book! I say this quite a lot, but reading Brittney’s books is like coming the home and being with the family again.

Having the cameos and appearances of characters from previous books has been a nice addition and is always welcome! I’m also even more excited to see who will get their next book. Brittney has shared some insights into a few different directions to go and I’m here for anything! If you haven’t read a Brittney book, what are you waiting for? You will never be disappointed!

This is the third in Falcon Falls Security developed from the Stealth Ops series. This is about Beckett, AJ’s sheriff’s brother. He’s known for being grumpy, but he’s a single father who was cheated on by a woman named Cora who ended up getting pregnant. Cora didn’t want to be a mother, so Beckett became her daughter’s father. He is very protective of McKenna because of his mother.

Sydney is an operator with incredible archery skills. Her son was adopted by the same man she married but later divorced. Due to her divorce and her father’s very harsh demands, Sydney has built huge walls around her heart.

While vacationing with her best friend Mya, Beckett and Oliver (Sydney’s teammate) show up asking for help to save Beckett’s daughter’s mother. This is the beginning of a fast paced and very powerful love story between two strong and headstrong people with huge walls around their hearts.

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As they work around the clock to save Cora, they find each other and slowly break down their walls. Brittany is such a fabulous writer that she brings her characters to life and you feel like you are living her story. She spends time with the supporting characters so by the end of the book you expect to know her story.

Case study Mya, Oliver and Mason! The books can be read independently, but I highly recommend reading them in order as characters from the past appear and relationships are built from many books. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed with this book or any other copyright.

Yes, he did it again!
Beckett and Sydney are the couple no one saw coming, but they’re so perfect together you’ll be wondering how you missed it.

The Guarded One is Book the 3 in the Falcon Falls Security Series.

Sydney Archer was the last to join the team and is the only woman. He has carried a heavy burden for most of his adult life. She must live up to her father’s expectations and walk the path he chose for her. That was then, now she does as she pleases, being a top notch operator, taking down threats and bad guys while being a single mom to her teenage son.

Beckett Hawkins is the sheriff of his hometown in Alabama. The eldest of the Hawkins clan, older brother to A.J (Chasing Daylight: Stealth Ops series) and Ella (The Broken One: Falcon Falls series). He is a grumpy, grumpy single father to his teenage daughter, who is deeply devoted to his family and loyal to the smallest detail. See the things in black and white, good or bad. Sometimes you have to explore the gray area also, the middle, or you get lost.

Beckett and Sydney eventually work together when Beckett enlists his brother-in-law Jesse’s help in finding someone. His playful banter and teasing lightens up some of the more serious moments. When things heat up, yowza! His steam moments are on lava level. Despite all the obstacles and fears that come their way, too many lives intertwine for them to fail. When the mission is complete, what then? Deb Hawkins didn’t raise any fools and Beckett isn’t about to give up her dream without a fight.

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Brittney’s stories touch your heart as they take you on an exciting journey. She weaves minor characters in and out without sacrificing the main arc or losing pacing. Full of action, emotional and a great love story. This is definitely going to be another big hit!

This book has it all. Action, romance, thrills, some weird relief, fear and some really hot moments.

There are many recurring characters from the other books in this story. I suggest you read them in written order to appreciate all of the characters.

Beckett Hawkins is the sheriff of a small town in Alabama. He has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship. When his daughter’s mother goes missing in Mexico, Becketts convinces his brother-in-law, Jesse, to help him look for her. Not because he cares for her, but for his daughter because she is her mother. In Mexico, Jessie intervenes in the attempted kidnapping of a club owner’s girlfriend and the leader of the cartel. Due to his courage, they invite him to come with them, which he willingly does, hoping to find the mother of Beckett’s daughter.

This is the beginning of a chain of events that are somehow connected and the start of an action-packed story.

Beckett needs the help and gets it in the form of Sydney Archer, a Falcon Falls agent. The attraction between them is totally off the charts, but they work to win Jesse back. There are many other characters involved in this story, most from other books in the series. There are so many subplots and side stories that it is difficult to include them in this review.

All I can say is that the once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen. I love the characters, especially the strong women featured in this story.

If you’re a fan of Falcon series, I highly recommend this book. You keep improving. I hope the next book is about the love triangle between Mya, Oliver and Mason. I see a lot of fireworks there.

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