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Poison Ivy book pdf download for free or read online, also Poison Ivy pdf was written by Steffanie Holmes.

Steffanie Holmes is a USA TODAY bestselling author of the paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and the supernatural mysteries. Her books feature smart and witty heroines, dark and gothic settings, cunning witches and a dash of sadistic humor.

Before becoming the writer, Steffanie worked as an archaeologist and the museum curator. Steffanie is fascinated by how love can blossom between the most unlikely of characters, from medieval Europe to dilapidated Gothic mansions.

Steffanie lives in New Zealand with her husband, a horde of grumpy cats, and her collection of medieval swords.

BookPoison Ivy
AuthorSteffanie Holmes
Size4 MB

Poison Ivy Book PDF download for free

Poison Ivy Book PDF download for free

This is the new adult, dark contemporary romance with the three poisonous guys and one very fearless girl. It is intended for 18+ readers.

Poison Ivy Book Pdf Download

I was not prepared for this book to grab me by the throat and drag me along on the journey that continues. This book definitely has all the aspects that you would expect in a private school. Cliques, elitism, haves and have-nots. The athletes and the nerds. The bad girls, the popular ones and the ones that are overlooked. But when the limits are exceeded, Fergie appears with Cassius, Victor and Torsten.

Fergie is about to start her life over with a new identity, a far cry from The Incident in Massachusetts. Her father secretly got married in Las Vegas and now she is moving to California to be with a step-mother and step-brother she doesn’t know. Fergie had to leave behind her Ivy League school dreams, her jujitsu training, and all of her old self.

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To make matters worse, she is blind and must learn to navigate new environments. What she greets them in her new home is pure hostility. Her cold stepmother does not receive it. When they take her to her room, she finds one surprise after another. Because she is blind, her other senses are more finely tuned and all she can smell is someone else’s scents.

She is confronted by a hostile figure who, after a confrontation, discovers that he is her new stepbrother and that she mistakenly thought he was a teenager. She discovers that they are the same age and he is not going to make her life easier. She introduces him to the other friends of hers who form the Poison Ivy Club. They are a force to be reckoned with if you want to be accepted to any of the Ivy League schools, but you have to be willing to pay their price, which won’t be easy. Fergie is initially a target, but things slowly change as she makes her way into her life.

Fergie must hide all of her past triumphs and remain invisible to her peers and everyone she knows. What she doesn’t plan on is how she will interact with each member of the Poison Ivy Club. It’s wrong to want to be hers and pay the price they ask for, but can she risk all of hers to be who she can be? She wants Harvard and only they can get her there. What will be the price of it?

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This is the best Stephanie Holmes book. Fergie is a strong FMC with realistic reactions and personality. She and her father move to California from Kansas after her father remarries. Fergie is adjusting to a new family, school and friends, but after an incident in Kansas, she just wants to be left alone. She has made her way into the world of The Poison Ivy, a school club run by her stepbrother and her two best friends of hers.

The boys are ruthless, deranged, and sometimes a little innocent. Fergie can’t help but be instantly attracted to them. I love that this book discusses some different abilities like blindness and autism. Although autism is not pronounced correctly, it is very much implied. Steffanie writes about these different abilities, shedding light on what they are and their needs, but also on the strengths of these characters because they don’t fit the norm.

I found it tasteful and well done. All the characters have secrets and are complex. I devoured this book in one day. I also loved all the steam. There is no slow burn in this book, but the plot is amazing too.

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