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Likely To Die book pdf download for free or read online, also Likely To Die pdf was written by Linda Fairstein.

BookLikely To Die
AuthorLinda Fairstein
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Likely To Die Book PDF download for free

Likely To Die Book PDF download for free

The real-life work of sex-crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein brought “riveting authenticity” (Vanity Fair) to her bestselling debut novel, Final Jeopardy. Now Fairstein’s fictional counterpart, the consummate and intelligent assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper – returns in “[a] Grisham-esque pageturner” (Time), which puts Alex in the line of fire.

New York’s oldest and largest medical center is the scene of a gruesome attack: Leading neurosurgeon Gemma Dogen is found in her office drenched in her own blood, having been sexually assaulted, stabbed and deemed “probably dying.” ” For the police. When Alex becomes involved in the case, it’s a high-profile, media-tainted murder investigation with a growing list of suspects among those wandering the labyrinthine corridors of the hospital.

As Alex’s passion to find the killer escalates, she discovers that this hospital is not a place of healing but of mortal danger, and that she is the next target of deadly violence.
Spanning from Manhattan to London to Martha’s Vineyard, Likely to Die is a high-style thriller about the gripping story of a member of the justice system and a provocative novelist.

Likely To Die Book Pdf Download

I was delighted to find a new series writer who understood the depth of the characters, the plot, and the suspense/mystery. Well written (except for typos).

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I liked it and will buy the second book. For those who only gave it one star I would like to know who you give five stars to as well so I can verify. One-star reviewers haven’t seemed ridiculously let down by their favorite authors lately. Many have lost sight of what made his series entertaining. Like the garbage writers mentioned above, they’ve been producing nonsense with no depth of character and ridiculous, unbelievable plots lately, as long as their books actually have a plot.

I like this book. It was a fun and entertaining read with depth and mystery as I didn’t guess “who it was” until it unfolded. I’m going to buy the second book now.

In this mystery, ADA Alexandra Cooper wakes up early one morning to a rape and attempted murder at Mid-Manhattan Hospital in New York City. The victim, Dr. Gemma Dogen, is the director of the hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery and also teaches at Minuit Medical College. The book’s title derives from the victim’s condition when found: still alive but “probably dead”.

As the story progresses we discover that Dr. Dogen is a demanding professor who holds her neurosurgery students to the same standards she holds herself to. We also learn that within the hospital/medical school and beyond, there are more potential suspects than anyone could have anticipated, from the homeless population living in tunnels in New York to Alex’s latest love interest.

The story of how Alex and his colleagues, including the NYPD detectives, solve the case kept me interested to the very end.
If you like mysteries, especially the Alexandra Cooper series, you’ll find this book worth reading.

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Fairstein is a good writer and I will re-read her work, but she is not a GREAT writer. For example, when I read Pat Conroy, I want to be a writer like him. But she does a good job and she’s very informative, and I’m from New York, so I can relate to a lot of situations. It’s clear that the book was written by a woman, just as it’s clear that the Reacher books were written by a man, but that’s not a bad thing, just a side note. good secret

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