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Powerless book pdf download for free or read online, also Powerless pdf was written by Elsie Silver.

AuthorElsie Silver
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Powerless Book PDF download for free

Powerless Book PDF download for free

Jasper and Sloane were runaway brides, childhood friends of lovers, unrequited love, both with difficult family dynamics and soulmate energy and a forced closeness road trip that changes everything for them. We see their individual journeys through impotence, they are both busy but I love how they support each other and how they are each other’s where are they going so it’s no wonder everyone at Chestnut Springs is wondering when Jasper and Sloane are finally going to get together, but it’s an emotional ride.

Powerless Pdf Download

Jasper has a lot of issues to contend with and Sloane because he has stood against his family and ex-boyfriends and found his love again for ballet and doing what he wants and not letting others take his voice and read jasper. and Sloane overcame so much to be together and finally get together because they deserved to have their happy endings.

That doesn’t mean it’s just tears and emotional causes though, Jasper, that mouth on that man? Just like in true Elsie fashion, the scenes were insanely HOT. My jaw dropped and I could have stopped breathing. It’s always the quiet ones who have a sneaky game and they didn’t disappoint and I also loved watching GRR characters and seeing how the girls were messy and fun and so relatable. The strong friendships and their conversations were great and of course seeing the men again.

The found family trope is so strong here because family is who you choose and who chooses you and loves and is there for you, and the Chestnut Springs family that Jasper takes as their own made me sob. They’re curious, loud and a little crazy, but they’re so protective and loving of themselves and seriously, such an amazing series. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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Emotionally exuberant, effortlessly stunning and bubbly – that’s the magic of romance! Elsie Silver delivers another emotionally moving and beautifully written romantic powerhouse in Powerless. It’s characterful, seamlessly told, addictively sexy and powerfully resonant.

A journey that’s somehow completely unique to these characters, but also deeply relatable: overcoming insecurities, finding ourselves, letting go of who you think you should be, and embracing who you MUST be. The themes are dynamic, sharp, and these characters are absolutely charming. I’m so in love with this whole world, and I’m falling more and more in love with Elsie’s writing with every page. A top read of 2023!

This couple was everything! The tenderness, the longing, the consuming chemistry. Elsie effortlessly builds the bond between friends and lovers: fearful hesitation and soulmate connection perfectly side by side. I fell so in love with both of them, both trying to free themselves from perceptions of themselves, to choose their own needs and paths, to find the courage to build the life they want and deserve.

Family baggage weighs heavily, and each is the other’s guiding light, anchoring each other in the most authentic version of themselves, seeing each other like no other. And that’s not only a catalyst for an epic romantic love story, but also a heartfelt and vulnerable tale of self-realization. My heart exploded for her! I passed out so bad! They are perfect and their love is pouring out of the page!

After an explosive start, Elsie chooses a brilliantly intimate narrative build that gives us plenty of time with just these two. It is the perfect architecture to gently release your love from its confines. It has perfect timing and timing. Fear combined with progress, steam and excitement. The authenticity of its development feels natural and intriguing. I couldn’t take my eyes (or ears!) away from this story.

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I love nobody more than Elsie Silver. I am completely powerless over its magic: the sincerity, the tender emotions, the genuine chemistry. The romance shines right on the pages. I was completely captivated!

Elsie knocked it out of the park once again. This series is truly unmatched. I feel like Powerless had a lot to fulfill, and it certainly did. Sloane Winthrop was in love with Jasper Gervais from the moment she first saw him. However, over the years, Sloane realized that her unrequited crush would stay like this forever. That’s until their wedding day ends with their childhood crush crashing in to save the day. Jasper, now a famous hockey heartthrob, will always be the saddest blue-eyed boy Sloane has ever seen. When Jasper and Sloane take a road trip to clear their minds, Sloane soon learns that her unrequited crush might not be so unrequited after all.

Powerless is packed with some of my favorite themes: secret longings, childhood friends for lovers, just a bed idea, and I loved the found family aspect of Jasper’s story. Love, love, love, love, childhood friends, lovers. We see the characters fall in love and layer, and I eat it all the time. Sloane always loved Jasper, but that can’t be said of him. He’s always loved Sloane, but definitely not always in a romantic way, which is what made the suspense so good, unsurprising after YEARS of building. Jasper denied and denied his feelings and then ripped like a rubber band. It was very satisfying and worth the wait.

I loved Jasper so much. From the lonely boy with sad eyes to the famous hockey player who despises himself so much he tells himself he’s not good enough for Sloane, Jasper’s story was definitely the most emotional of the Eaton boys – yet. It makes my heart so happy that Sloane was always there for him despite all his doubts. He loved Sloane too!

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I think she’s a wonderful example of introverted girls being main characters too. She begins the book as this reclusive woman trapped under the thumbs of her father and fiancé, and ends as an independent, Buddyz Best beer-drinking, hockey heartthrob, and domesticated woman. And the way she never gave up on Jasper made me love her even more. And together they were perfection!

Getting to know the rest of the Chestnut Springs team was one of the highlights of the book. I want to thank Willa and Daddy Harvey for the one liners that pulled the most money out of her pocket. I laughed out loud, rightly so. I love this world and these characters so much. And can we talk about the audio book for a moment?

I have listened to all 3 books in the Chestnut Springs series on audio and I can say with confidence that this is hands down my favorite audio book in the series. Teddy Hamilton as Jasper couldn’t be more perfect. And CJ Bloom was great as Sloane. This audio book was so good! you gotta get it

One thing I really love about this series is that each of them has a completely different vibe. Which is so refreshing and makes a lot of sense because each book fits the main characters, powerless a more emotional atmosphere. Overall Powerless book was amazing! Sloane and Jasper were always meant to be together and to see these two lost souls finally get their happy endings was beautiful.

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