Download War Bear Of Piston [PDF] By T. S. Joyce

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War Bear Of Piston book pdf download for free or read online, also War Bear Of Piston pdf was written by T. S. Joyce.

BookWar Bear Of Piston
AuthorT. S. Joyce
Size1.8 MB

War Bear Of Piston Book PDF download for free

War Bear Of Piston Book PDF download for free

Something terrible happened to Foster. The ghosts of his alpha’s past have used him as an unknowing pawn in their revenge game. He’s a werewolf who was forced to uncover something evil that changed his personality.

His wolf has been replaced by a titan bear with little memory of his past, and now Foster and his new shapeshifter, Biergon, must embark on an adventure to find where they belong. He cannot return to Stryker’s pack, but never in a million years would Foster have thought that he would end up in the middle of a war for power in the Alaskan wilderness.

War Bear Of Piston Pdf Download

And the craziest part? His new inner bear is the old king, and he has a mate waiting for his return. The Alaskan bear clans exist in a completely different world than he acknowledges, and all the rules are different… including the rules for mating. The bears of these clans need to be taught manners, and when Foster meets the fierce and seductive queen he’s been paired with, he begins to think he’s just the right shapeshifter for the job.

A few months ago, Jaydah lost her partner Biergon. In a few days her mourning will end and she will be engaged. But when he sees the Biergon-eyed stranger on the banks of his river, he knows something terrible has happened. There are legends of shapeshifters changing animals, but she’s never seen one, now what? Bergon is different.

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He is friendlier and more protective. Her new human side makes her feel like love marriages exist, but if she helps Biergon reclaim his throne, she will be punished for betraying her clan’s bears, who are fighting to become the new king. Until now, she has had no say in her fate, but for the first time, someone… Foster… is listening. And if he can bring himself to give her enough power, together they can change everything for his people.

The Stark’s Mountains universe continues with a new series direct from T.S. From Joyce’s best-selling best-selling series, Wolves of Piston, to a fast-paced new Alaskan bear shifter adventure in the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series. This can be read as a standalone series but will at times wink at old friends from other books in this growing universe. Let your imagination run wild with this series and have the adventure of a lifetime.

This series left me on the edge of my seat and this story was just as exciting. Foster seems devastated by the wolf-to-bear transformation, but it was the knowledge of the bear’s past that heals him. Just when I think I can’t love a book anymore, Mrs. Joyce gets greedy for more. I can’t wait to read the next series.

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