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Force Of Nature book pdf download for free or read online, also Force Of Nature pdf was written by Monica Walters.

BookForce Of Nature
AuthorMonica Walters
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Force Of Nature Book PDF download for free

Force Of Nature Book PDF download for free

A man of the few words is sometimes really a man to fear. Ali Joseph proves that the theory is correct. He keeps his traumatic past a secret and only trusts a few people, including Shyrón Berotte. You’ve been living in the midst of turmoil for so long that you’re finally reaching your breaking point. His anger drives him nuts, and that’s not good for those involved, especially since they don’t realize the danger they’re in. There’s only one ray of light in his cloud and also that’s the day he meets Riley Domingue.

Recovering from the death of a loved one over the past two and a half years, Riley is trying to adjust to being a single mom and focus on becoming a better woman than before. You have done everything you can to show your daughter an image of independence, strength and love. While overcoming your struggles from the outside in seems easy, your heart craves love and affection. His gaze focuses on the most unlikely goal for it. Ali Joseph’s booty screams bad boy, and while that could be something that could be dangerous, it’s also something she could never resist.

Force Of Nature Pdf Download

Ali and Riley are instantly struck by their attraction, but issues soon arise that cause them to reconsider their upcoming relationship. Will these problems overcome them or can they overcome them for what they want to build together?

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Monica, great read. Ali was a good guy, he carried so many heavy things on his heart. He felt he had to protect his mother, but she wasn’t worthy of his love. His heart had opened before and he chose to protect himself now that he had finally found a reason to be gentle again, small situations caused trouble.

Riley, put her life back together after her tragic situation happened. Meeting Ali turned into something she never thought would happen. Every single thing that happened to Ali cared about him or his adoptive family.
Seeing Ali hurt made Riley want to give him a safe place where he was fine and show his vulnerability because he would never let anyone else hurt him again. Great read!

Ali is a silent force who watches everyone and knows their secrets, but trusts very few, and with good reason. His tough exterior hid the sweetness of his true nature, especially when it comes to women and children.

So it’s no surprise that when he first met Riley with their four-year-old daughter Amina, he was hooked like a fish on bait, but he doesn’t want to run from them.
But as he falls in love with Riley and Anina, he must make amends with people he’s given too many chances to leave him alone. He will not allow these people’s goals to change the life he is building for himself and his family without quick retribution.

Force Of Nature story revealed who and what made Ali the person he became. I cried for the boy that was Ali.
Force Of Nature is a well-crafted story, with well-developed characters that leap from the pages to rest comfortably in seemingly fluid dialogue. I definitely recommend this book.

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