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Problem Child book pdf download for free or read online, also Problem Child pdf was written by Sam Hall.

BookProblem Child ( The Wolfverse Series Book 2 )
AuthorSam Hall
Size1.5 MB

Problem Child Book PDF download for free

Problem Child Book PDF download for free

A night of fun with a beautiful boy, that’s all I thought, but when Ben walked out my door, he left more than a slightly aching heart in his wake.

There was no way I should have gotten pregnant, but here I am.

For nine long years, I’ve struggled to raise my daughter well, trying to meet all of her unique needs, even as I go to bed every night knowing I’m failing her. When Riley Taylor of the world famous Crowe Corp offers to help me, I jump at the chance.

But then I meet him.

It shouldn’t look that good, not after all this time, and its brothers shouldn’t huddle closer and try to catch my scent. I definitely shouldn’t stare at my daughter in awe and wonder as I know exactly where her blonde hair is coming from.

Ben and his pack want to be a part of their lives, but beyond that they love their mate and think I could be them.

If you loved A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing and wanted to know more about Riley and the history of the gang, join Lily as she struggles to find motherhood, raising a strong-willed daughter, beta in an alpha’s world and being forced to have a to consider another chance of love.

Problem Child Book Pdf Download

Wow what a read. This book grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It moves at a great pace which makes reading very enjoyable. It has characters you want to meet and fall in love with. The story truly grabs you and also keeps you reading to the end of the story. You won’t be able to put Problem Child book down until the end. Problem Child book is without surely a must read.

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I really enjoyed Problem Child book. It was a different take on all the romantic omega-alpha themes that are popular. A female beta was impregnated by an alpha. The rest is chaos. I loved how caring she is as a mother.

She does everything in her power to love and support her little girl, and a chance meeting turns the Beta’s life upside down. I really feel sorry for the mother. She’s been through a lot and the anger of the pack when they found out they have a daughter, well like I said it was chaos. Some are right there wanting to do their best, and others have dug a whole hole and stuck their heads out and done what Alphas do best. It’s standalone, and this book didn’t feel like it.

The scenes that are described, along with the flood of emotions and communication, flowed perfectly. There seemed to be no lost emotion about how the characters should have been feeling at the time. Each word was written intentionally to connect one chapter to another.

I loved the nickname Evmonster. The nickname was perfect when he was having nervous breakdowns. It was a first-person perspective, and her feelings of inadequacy really applied. All mothers feel that, so there was another point in the story that connected me to this character. I loved this book. It was beautifully written. I can’t wait to read Sam Hall’s next book!

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