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Protective Impulse book pdf download for free or read online, also Protective Impulse pdf was written by Kaylea Cross.

BookProtective Impulse
AuthorKaylea Cross
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Protective Impulse Book PDF download for free

Protective Impulse Book PDF download for free

When successful engineer Anaya Bishop’s boss requests her presence at a high-level meeting in Seattle, she asks her sister’s fiancé Callum Falconer and Crimson Point Security for a favor. She needs someone to step in in case one of the lawyers she had trouble with a few years ago starts causing trouble again, and she’s also meeting her biological father for the first time. With Callum unavailable, Donovan Myers will take her place.

These two had met briefly before and both had made an impression on each other. Unfortunately, Donovan was determined to keep things professional, first, she’s the soon-to-be sister-in-law of her boss, second, a potential client, and finally, he’s not the hero she thinks he is. But when a series of incidents occur during and after their trip that puts Anaya in danger, Donovan’s protective instincts kick in.

Protective Impulse Pdf Download

In true Kaylea Cross fashion, Protective Impulse is filled with great characters, emotional backstories, and gripping suspense. Both Anaya and Donovan had very difficult pasts, so it was amazing to see these two give each other exactly what they needed to heal. This was a great read. I’m very excited right now for the upcoming stories of some of the supporting characters we’ve met.

PROTECTIVE IMPULSE is the fifth installment in Kaylea Cross’s adult contemporary romantic thriller series CRIMSON POINT PROTECTORS, a spin-off of the author’s CRIMSON POINT series. This is the story of former US Army Ranger/US Marshal turned security specialist Donovan Myers and the story of aeronautical engineer Anaya Bishop. PROTECTIVE IMPULSE is easily read on its own, important information from previous stories revealed when needed.

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Told from a third-person perspective, PROTECTIVE IMPULSE centers on the unfolding romance and relationship between ex-US Army Ranger/ex-US Marshal turned security specialist Donovan Myers and engineer Anaya Bishop Aeronautics. Anaya Bishop will attend high-level meetings with the Boeing Corporation, but a previous meeting with a team lawyer left Anaya feeling threatened and offended. Hoping for help, Anaya turns to Crimson Point Security, where she is assigned to the man who is stirring something deep in our story’s heroine.

She enters Donovan Myers, a troubled former US Marshal struggling to put the past behind him. Someone is targeting our heroine of the story, but it’s not just Anaya’s past trying to destroy her present, but Donovan’s demons as well, demons who refuse to let him go. What follows is the developing romance and relationship between Donovan and Anaya and the possible ramifications as Donovan believes he is unlovable and continues to push Anaya out of her life.

Donovan and Anaya’s relationship begins as a mission, but both Anaya and Donovan have lusted after each other ever since they met. Donovan is the single father of an 18-year-old girl and is struggling between his head and her heart because he feels powerless to protect the people he loves. Protecting Anaya should be easy, but Anaya faces real demons at every turn, which may or may not be connected to her past. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate with no over the top, sexually explicit language or lyrics.

The minor and minor characters are colorful and familiar: Donovan’s daughter Shae; Anaya’s sister Nadia and her husband Callum Falconer (Unsanctioned 4), Mia Ramos and Ashe Grozinski (Sudden Impact 3), and Anaya’s extended family, both blood and adoptive.

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Protective Impulse is a story of betrayal and revenge, obsession and murder, power and control, love and acceptance. The premise is intriguing, dramatic, and captivating; romance is seductive and passionate; The characters are energetic and dynamic.

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