Download Rescuing Carmen [PDF] By Ellie Masters

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Rescuing Carmen book pdf download for free or read online, also Rescuing Carmen pdf was written by Ellie Masters.

BookRescuing Carmen
AuthorEllie Masters
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Rescuing Carmen Book PDF download for free

Rescuing Carmen Book PDF download for free

Meet the Guardians, ex-military special operations soldiers turned hostage rescue specialists. With dangerous missions, heroic rescues, gripping suspense and red-hot romance, the entire series is an addictive adrenaline rush from cover to cover. Fierce protectors, the Wardens are a group of brothers who will brave any danger to rescue the kidnapped.

The Guardian’s Hostage Rescue Specialists are gripping contemporary military protector romances starring passionate, protective heroes and fearless heroines who steal their hearts.

Rescuing Carmen Book Pdf Download

This is the story of Carmen and Rafe and continues the story of saving Isabelle. First off, let me say that I really didn’t like Carmen in Isabelle’s rescue. She was a very self-centered character and it was hard to see any redeeming qualities in her. With this book we get a better idea of ​​why he acted the way he did.

Carmen is the daughter of a very high-ranking Nicaraguan politician. She has literally just graduated from college in the US when her father sends someone to take her home. Carmen and her father have a complicated relationship and when she returns home she finds that without her consent her father has made plans for her future that will benefit her father.

The beginning of this story takes place in a very short space of time, and without giving anything away, there is a brief history overlap between Isabelle’s rescue and Carmen’s rescue to provide context for their connection.

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Carmen has secrets about her father and has been planning what to do with this information for years. Forced to return home so quickly and told she is marrying someone she hates and fears, her plans are soon scrapped and she is forced to improvise. This includes literally pouncing on Rafe when he and his team of guards show up at the family compound hours later to rescue Izzy, who has been kidnapped by Carmen’s father.

Rafe is part of Team Bravo and has injuries from an ambush that took place during a previous rescue. He has been rehabilitating and working through these issues over the past year when his team is called in to rescue Izzy and indirectly Carmen. Rafe and Carmen’s chemistry is instant, although they don’t trust each other and Carmen refuses to talk to anyone but Izzy. Little by little, Rafe gains her trust and Carmen opens up to both Izzy and Rafe. As Carmen’s secrets are revealed, connections to past events are uncovered, and the Wardens find themselves in the middle of something much bigger than they ever imagined.

Through all of this, Rafe and Carmen find each other and by that I mean they learn more about themselves and each other so that together they can be the best version of themselves.

I will always encourage reading books like this to get the full picture, but as with other Ellie Masters books, there is enough background for it to be read independently.

A last-ditch effort to escape, spy, or stop a rescue…Who knows what Carmen’s motivation is for attacking Rafe and wrapping him around her while he’s being towed away by a Guardian helicopter? Last but not least, it was a courageous step. Ellie Masters knows how to grab the attention of her readers, captivate them and make them turn the pages. Every book in the Guardian HRS series proves it time and time again. Rescuing Carmen has a great mix of suspense, fast-paced action and spicy sizzling. Surprising information about Forest and Skye’s past and their relationship with Carmen is also revealed.

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Rafe is certainly hoping to fall in love with the woman who jumped on him as he was being loaded onto a helicopter. However, fate had other plans. Since losing his leg a year ago, he has allowed that loss to define him in many ways. Getting Carmen to trust him and open up may have been his goal, but his stubbornness, tenacity and sheer courage speak to him like no other woman. Carmen knows what a monster her father is. She’s seen it first hand.

He was taught to keep secrets and not to trust anyone but the CIA. So opening up to Guardian is non-negotiable, unless it’s on his terms. Once that happens, a mission is scheduled, but just before it’s executed, something happens that ups the ante exponentially. As always, there is a plan B. Rafe is injured and his secret is exposed. Does Carmen care? Absolutely not!

Saving Carmen is another action-packed roller coaster ride from start to finish. Carmen knows her father is a monster and has been plotting to destroy him for years. When he can finally work on his goal, his situation changes. If she doesn’t do something drastic, she will be married off to an even more sadistic man. His lifeline appears in the form of Rafe.

Carmen was always one step ahead of her father and that doesn’t change with the release of the Guardians. When she finally allowed Rafe to take the ecSeeing his wife behind the facade, he can’t help but fall in love with her strength and what lies beneath the surface she presents to everyone else. Rafe has his own secrets and is afraid to open up. I loved how the author developed Rafe’s character through his injuries, healing, and self-esteem. Fantastic, on the edge of your seat history.

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