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Ruined Kingdom book pdf download for free or read online, also Ruined Kingdom pdf was written by Natasha Knight.

BookRuined Kingdom
AuthorNatasha Knight
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Ruined Kingdom Book PDF download for free

Ruined Kingdom Book PDF download for free

Death. Loyalty. lie.

I never imagined that my first trip to Italy would be to attend my father’s funeral.

But there I was alone in the old cathedral with my father’s coffin, a handful of soldiers standing guard.

It never occurred to me that no one, not even our enemies, would disturb the sanctity of the moment.

But the Knight brothers have little value in the Church and less in my family. They marched, guns in hand, turning my world upside down.

You destroyed my peace.
They desecrated my father’s body.
And they took what they wanted. How did they feel, what was owed to them. Me.

I am a princess in a tower in an impressive mansion.
My bedroom faces the turquoise sea but the door is closed.

And if I ever hope to be free, I must fight not one dragon, but two.

Ruined Kingdom Book Pdf Download

I found myself totally invested in this book by Mrs. Knight. The story itself was
a good length for character development. Expect steady plot construction
rotates continuously. The story dives right into the psyche and background of
The characters give us an honest account of their emotions. there was one
overwhelming sense of darkness and revenge that arose from childhood

Amadeo and Bastian were blinded by revenge and their target was Vittoria Russo.
They had a callous agenda that had been brewing for fifteen years. there were conflicts
between the brothers when Amadeo began to develop feelings for Vittoria. your end
changed game Bastian fought his own battles when he started having
unwanted feelings for Vittoria. She was not the princess he expected.

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Vittoria paid the price for the sins of her father and her brother. you never
he expected to feel at the mercy of the Caballero brothers. victory was not
shrugging purple, and I admired her attitude of never giving up. I felt her confusion and
efforts. Despite the situation she found herself in, she did not submit gracefully.

This book will assault your senses with its dangerousness, violence, mysteries, suspense and suspense.
Treason. I was captivated by the book and will not rest until I know more about it.

Ruined Kingdom is the first book in Natasha Knight’s Ruined Kingdom duo. This is a dark and twisted revenge story that unfolds between Vittoria and two brothers wronged by her father. When Vittoria’s father suddenly dies, she grants his wish to be buried in Italy, where she is kidnapped by Amadeo and Bastiano. There is a lot of tension, both between Vittoria and the brothers and between the brothers themselves. While both brothers struggle with unexpected feelings that Vittoria arouses in them, one is much more conflicted and unpredictable.

Vittoria herself seems to harbor her own secrets. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the three characters and I’m really excited to see how this all plays out as it’s meant to be an MFM romance. There is a brutal cliff, but book two is not far behind. The reason the book lost a star for me was the overabundance of betrayal of the body. He was there practically every time we had an intimate scene between Vittoria and her brothers. I would have liked more of Vittoria’s actual combat, but that’s just a minor complaint. Overall, I really enjoyed the beginning of this story and can’t wait for the end!

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Ruined Kingdom is the first book of the Ruined Kingdom duo and cannot be read alone. This book had me hooked from the start! I couldn’t put it down and had to keep reading to find out what would happen next! And the suspense made me scream! I’m usually good with cliffhangers, but this one blew me away! It was cruel!

Amadeo and Bastian pick up Vittoria Russo during her father’s funeral to get revenge for what the Russo family did to her family. But they get more than they bargained for with her. She is strong willed, feisty and pushes all her buttons! I loved the dynamic between these three…it wasn’t pretty, but I loved the fear! And I loved the relationship between Vittoria and her little sister Emma. You can tell how much they love each other!

There is fear, mystery, violence, unexpected twists, suspense, angst and spice in this book. I love Natasha’s writing style and can’t wait for the conclusion of this duet!

Ruined Kingdom (Ruined Kingdom Duet Book 1) by Natasha Knight Amadeo and Bastian plot their revenge against the Russo family since Geno and his son Lucien invaded their lives and ruined the lives of their entire family. Their family has never been the same, and the children face the physical and emotional anxieties of the day. Vittoria puts her father to rest when the men Amadeo and Bastian break into the church and desecrate Geno’s corpse.

Not only do they do that, their plan includes capturing the spoils of war, which turns out to be Vittoria. All I can say is that I am looking forward to the next book. I want you to be able to see how this story unfolds without telling you too much about it. I will say that the plan doesn’t go exactly as planned, and other forces in the game made some moves that not only made me grab my pearls, but with all the excitement of the ending, I made her break.

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The emotional fears of men that men now have have an effect on them, especially when you tell them how you feel about Vittoria. There are also one or two secrets, I’m not sure how many, but I know there are some and I hope to reveal them in Book 2. This is one of my authors that I jump at when she offers me the opportunity because I know I’m going to really enjoy the ride. . She did not disappoint. She brings book 2.

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