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Tarnished Tyrant book pdf download for free or read online, also Tarnished Tyrant pdf was written by Nicole Fox.

Nicole Fox writes exciting and sexy dark mob romance about the kind of guys you should be running from but end up running. She’s a cat-crazy woman in her late 30s with a coffee addiction, an overactive imagination, and a husband who somehow puts up with her impulsive urges to keep buying new plants for their house.

BookTarnished Tyrant
AuthorNicole Fox

Tarnished Tyrant Book PDF download for free

Tarnished Tyrant Book PDF download for free

Tarnished Tyrant is Book one of the Zhukova Bratva duo. The story continues in the Book 2, Tarnished Queen.

Tarnished Tyrant Book Pdf Download

Belle is forced to travel to New York without her boss because he rejected her advances and told her to take the exam alone for the first time. She is forced to take her 14-year-old sister who lives with her as her mother is an addict and will be out of town for a week. Although she and her sister have been promoted to first class, she is afraid of the turbulence on the plane and worries she will be nauseous without the puke bag. Meanwhile her sister had fallen asleep behind her.

Returning to her seat from the bathroom, she falls through the turbulence into the lap of a man, a very handsome Russian, Nikolai Zhukova. The ongoing turbulence causes her to run back to the bathroom with the help of Nikolai. He goes into the bathroom with her and closes the door. They end up having sex. After being late to the client who hired his company to audit, he finds out that Nikolai is the CEO. When he tries to bribe her to sign the exam without doing so. She refuses and storms off. Unfortunately, upon returning to the hotel, Elise, her sister and all of their belongings are gone. The only thing he finds is Nikolai’s business card.

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With the goodies delivered by Nikolai, Bella decides to play along to keep her job and protect her sister. Despite discovering that Nikolai is a Bratva-Don, she is still very attracted to him. After her boss tries to rape her and Nikolai beats him up, she is unemployed and has no way to return home. Nikolai offers her a job in Iceland. Greek mafia sister Xena sets her sights on Nikolai and convinces her brother the Don to arrange a marriage to unite the Bratva and their mafia. However, Nikolai is not interested and she is angry. What can Xena do? Will he kill Bella or Nikolai in revenge? I have to read part 2 to find out.

Wow, what a wild ride! I really enjoyed the beginning of Nikolai and Belle’s story. I was hooked from the start and fell in love with these two characters. Nikolai was strong and a bit of an idiot, but he knows that’s what you need to run your “business”. I loved that Belle was willing to stand up for her morals. She was a bit naive, which didn’t bother me, but she had a habit of putting herself in tricky situations that could have been avoided with a little common sense.

Overall he was a good character that I felt bad about because he always seemed to be pulling the short end of the stick. This was an exciting story that hooked me from the first page and now I’m eagerly awaiting the next book to see how it all unfolds! I liked the supporting characters, especially Arslan. The lightness he brought to the story was spot on.

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I also enjoyed the banter and sexual tension between Nikolai and Belle. It added a nice fear factor. This is a very gripping, page-turning story that is very well written. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat, laughing one minute and gasping for the next crazy twist the next. I highly recommend it!

What tension! Nicole Fox’s mob books never disappoint. I love a good mob book with possessive and controlling alpha males, a little extra OW drama and of course a secret/surprise pregnancy!
Belle meets Nikolai when she falls into his lap on a flight to New York to audit a large corporation. They meet in the plane’s bathroom and then go their separate ways.

Just a few hours later, Belle demands to see the CEO of the company she works with, and to her surprise, it’s the hot guy from the plane! Nikolai is definitely attracted to her, but he has big secrets from her. His main priority is his Bratva. He won’t let anyone jeopardize their work to get where he is, including Belle. But when these secrets come to light, she runs away.

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