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Ruined Secrets book pdf download for free or read online, also Ruined Secrets pdf was written by Neve Altaj.

BookRuined Secrets
AuthorNeve Altaj
Size300 KB

Ruined Secrets Book PDF download for free

Ruined Secrets Book PDF download for free


I wanted it most of my life
Ever since the day he saved me from drowning as a kid.
But he never noticed me
He never gave me a second thought.
I’m just a child to him.
And now he was commanded to marry me.

He does not love me
Neither in his heart nor in his bed.

But in war and love everything is fair
And I’m willing to do whatever it takes
Even lying to a man who doesn’t remember his past.


So beautiful
Because she’s smart
My young wife guides me masterfully,
Through the waters of Cosa Nostra,
Make sure nobody suspects
That I have no memory since the accident.

Now I’m falling in love with a woman I don’t even remember
The woman who lied to me
From the moment I opened my eyes
And I intend to unravel its mysteries.

*Ruined Secrets is a full length novel with multiple hot open door scenes, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

This is the fourth book in the Perfectly Imperfect Mafia series. Each book in this series has a different pairing and can be read independently, but stick to the recommended reading order for maximum enjoyment.

Ruined Secrets Book Pdf Download

Ruined Secrets Book four in this fantastic and exciting series from Neva Altaj.

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Luca and Isabella were a perfect couple. The arranged marriage and the curious Don and Isabella forever in love with Luca made things that much sweeter.

The stubbornness of Lucas and Isabella’s inability to give up was definitely something to watch.

But this book is a must for anyone who wants to know first hand how good this story is!

I can’t get enough of this author and am obsessed with his writing.
He does it very well and manages to write a book that captivates the reader and makes them forget time and space. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book, Stolen Touches.

Ruined Secrets is the fourth book in the Perfectly Imperfect series of linked independents. I’ll start by saying that this is my favorite book in the series! He loved Isa and her gall. I loved that he didn’t shy away from Luca and went after what he wanted. I also loved that she was smart when it came to the family business. Luca is ruthless and rules with an iron fist. And holy moly, this man can talk dirty! The seasoning is top notch and just fire! This book has the angst I love, action, possessive MMC, angst, suspense, drama, and the ending has me excited for Milene’s story!

Ruined Secrets is an Italian mafia romance about Luca and his clever wife Isabella. Isabella was in love with Luca for most of her 19-year life. However, their age difference and previous marriage stood in their way until Isabella’s grandfather orders them to get married. Luca is determined to hold up a wall due to their age difference and past encounters with him. One day Luca pulls off the road and loses his memory, leading him to trust Isabella and the secrets between them. The flavor of this book did not disappoint and it was well written.

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The best part, in my opinion, was Isabella…she was innocent but had a strength that didn’t venture into hateful territory. She was a wild woman, but she didn’t have to constantly promote it, so I rooted for her. Luca is an admirable hero caught in a horrible situation but dealing with it lovingly. He is super jealous and possessive and easily turns into a lovable alpha hero. Now you may need to read more from this author!

I just want to say that the age gap is one of my favorite annoyances, this book was meant to be an age gap, I was definitely excited. This book had a wistful twist where the FMC was in love with the MC. I hesitated because we tend to see a lot of fear in situations, but as always I was surprised. we have Isabella, who everyone thinks is childish and immature, but actually we have beauty AND BRAIN. And here we have Luca who has had a rough few weeks getting divorced and married a very, very young woman in a matter of days.

He has every intention of staying far, far away, but we don’t always get what we want, especially when this young woman is determined to make him fall in love with her. The Spice? It has increased and a new element has been added the series just keeps getting better and I think we have an idea who the next characters are for the next book. I love how all these bad gangsters turned to pulp for their wives. Overall I still love the series and this book was no exception.

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