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Rule Number Five book pdf download for free or read online, also Rule Number Five pdf was written by Jessa Wilder.

BookRule Number Five
AuthorJessa Wilder
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Rule Number Five Book PDF download for free

Rule Number Five Book PDF download for free

I don’t know where to start, I loved Rule Number Five book. Jessa’s writing style is fun and moves throughout the story. She immerses you in this word that she wrote about two incredible characters that you will learn to care deeply for. Feeling the emotions that they are going through and I personally related a lot of the feelings that Sidney was going through.

I love Sidney – she is our FMC, strong willed, she keeps her heart closed and has 5 rules. Jax slowly but surely wants to break all these rules. Jax is the guy you want to love instantly, he falls for her first and HARD. Even as a hot hockey player, he knows he wants Sid in his life.

Rule Number Five Pdf Download

The flirtations, banter, and internal monologues will make you want these characters to get together and stay that way. The two could burn their way through the pages with hilarious scenes, even sexual tension and buildup! The story has little fear and a lot of emphasis on keeping certain boundaries so someone (Sid) doesn’t get hurt, and through the story you realize that Jax gets things done too. I love the dual point of view for this reason, you get to see what Sid and Jax are going through and what they may go through.

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The last… 15 percent of Rule Number Five book was emotional, and the ending is worth getting! I was so happy that they got the ending they deserved, I cried and laughed at the end. This couple will always have a place in my little book heart.

I’m a big fan of sports romance, especially hockey romance, and boy, did this one not disappoint. Everything about this book is perfect and I loved every second of reading it. It was one of those books that immediately grabs you, falls in love with the characters, and is a fun, easy read that almost makes you forget you’re reading. And I wasn’t ready for it to end. An epilogue just wasn’t enough, I love these two so much and want to know so much more about their HEA!

Sidney has five rules: 1. No kissing. 2. One night only. 3. There is no exchange of phone numbers. 4. There are no hockey players. 5. Not falling in love. Close to her dream internship, she rejects everything that comes her way, including a relationship. Jax Ryder is the NHL hockey star who has his sights set on Sydney and is determined to break every one of his rules. Slowly but surely, Jax gets Sidney to break all of his rules, including Rule 5. But then fate and his future come knocking, forcing Jax and Sidney’s relationship to be put to the test.

Like I said, everything about this book is perfection, ESPECIALLY Jaxton Ryder. He falls first and he falls hard and he chooses his girl before anything else. He never stops telling her that she is everything he wants, he helps her pass a class she desperately needs to get her dream internship, he does her laundry and takes her notes from school, when she’s sick he pays attention to every detail.

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she gives him, he reads her favorite book, brings her all her favorite things, he wears her ponytail around her wrist, gives her his t-shirt in a game, sits down for her with her dad and tells her he’s in trouble, I mean, come on how cute! Jax is literally perfect. The chemistry between these two is off the charts; It was established in the first meeting and only gets stronger as the book progresses. And the secondary characters in this book are fantastic. Hopefully we’ll meet this team again soon fingers crossed in another book (maybe Mia’s book?).

Rule Number Five book comes out on February 7th and if you like sports romance, hockey romance, or just romance in general, you MUST read this book. It’s the perfect combination of funny, slow, exciting, cute and dirty and will keep you hooked until the very last page.

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