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Secret Obsession book pdf download for free or read online, also Secret Obsession pdf was written by Jessie Jocelyne.

Author of romantic novels with a pinch of mischief and a lot of heart. Jessie writes brave heroines, sensual moments and heartwarming happy endings. He loves alpha heroes, chocolate and thirst traps on Tik Tok.

Jessie lives in Canada where she needs her book buddies to keep her warm during the cold winter months.

BookSecret Obsession
AuthorJessie Jocelyne
Size1.1 MB

Secret Obsession Book PDF download for free

Secret Obsession Book PDF download for free

Devour this sizzling, sometimes dangerous, swooning romance and LOL STANDALONE about searing passion that forces a billionaire mob king to fight for his soul.

Will he seek redemption or accept his fate?

Secret Obsession Book Pdf Download

Let just start by saying that I love reading this and I loved that we had a plus size lead you loved everything about herself!

Well I really can’t decide what to think of your book. On the one hand, the plot and characters were compelling, but there were times I had to put the book down and just take a deep breath.

Lila was amazing, even if her judgment was clouded at times. He knew exactly what he wanted, he was passionate about his goals above all else, he had a strong moral compass and he loved the puppies. She’s exactly where I hope to be one day (with her multiple degrees and career focus). While I honestly wish it would bring Hawk to his knees and stop acting, I still enjoyed his character and am glad he got his happy ending.

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Hawk has been really frustrating and kinda sad a few times in the story. I honestly can’t tell if this is due to the way it was written or just personal bias (as I find the overly dominant guy funny rather than sexy). Despite this, he was easy to get along with and had a strong love of puppies, making him a tolerable character (although I sometimes pictured him in Urkel’s voice).

After all, grandma is my absolute favorite. I pray for his back as he carried this book especially in the last few chapters. There were so many times I stopped reading just to sit back and laugh without losing my seat.

Overall this book was good, although I think I’d rather read a whole book about Grandma and Lila’s adventures. I applaud Jessie Jocelyn for her writing, even though Hawk was frustrating. I loved everything about this book, there were some cute moments. Also, despite my personal preference/taste, Hawk is definitely someone that people could fall in love with.

Book Content Warnings: “Violence, Explicit Sex, Murders, Guns, Sexual Harassment at Work (in 3 chapters on supporting characters), Abusive Father (her father), a brief reference to an ex who shames her body, addiction (female lead is an addiction psychotherapist – 2 scenes with patients in therapy).” These are also right at the beginning of the book, which is great.

I loved this story! Lila is a true plus-size queen! She is a smart, career-oriented woman who has given up dating. Hawk is a sexy villain with a good heart that few see. They meet unexpectedly while volunteering at an animal shelter (we can relate all the feelings!), and as much as they try to argue, they end up bumping into each other.

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This story has an age gap between our main couple, a mafia and billionaire romance, a sexy fit man who will do anything for his fat goddess, conflicts and an incredible steam build for the main spice! I loved the supporting cast. Nana is by far the best and kept me laughing non-stop. I really enjoyed this story.

I really enjoyed this book. It was definitely interesting and everything I love about a mob romance. You quickly become drawn into the story and discover the backstory of these characters, especially Hawk.

Hawk is a billionaire mob boss who has been trying to become as legitimate as possible against his father’s wishes. After being raised by a ruthless man, he just wants to build a life that he can one day retire. This is proving to be a lot harder than I thought.

After meeting a woman who volunteers at the animal shelter, he spends some time there. There’s an instant attraction to each other, but he can’t respond to it. Her world and her life would just screw up and who would want someone like him?

When fighting doesn’t work, your relationship advances, but your enemy’s is still just around the corner.

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