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Seven And A Half Lesson About The Brain book pdf download for free or read online, also Seven And A Half Lesson About The Brain pdf was written by Lisa Feldman Barret.

Lisa Feldman Barrett is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, where she focuses on affective science. She is Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Affective Sciences. She is the founding editor-in-chief, along with James Russell, of Emotion Review magazine. She along with James Gross she founded the Society for Affective Science.

Born in 1963 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a poor working family, Barrett was the first member of her extended family to attend college. After graduating with honors from the University of Toronto, she earned a Ph.D. her in clinical psychology from the University of Waterloo with aspirations of becoming a therapist until a frustrating mystery prevented her from pursuing a clinical career.

As a graduate student, she failed to replicate a simple experiment eight times, eventually realizing that her seemingly unsuccessful attempts were actually successfully replicating a previously unknown phenomenon. The resulting line of research became her life’s work: understanding the nature of emotions in the brain. Following a clinical clerkship at the University of Manitoba School of Medicine, she held professorships in psychology at Penn State University, Boston College, and Northeastern University. Over two decades, she moved from clinical psychology to social psychology, psychophysiology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience.

Barrett is most inspired by William James, Wilhelm Wundt, and Charles Darwin.[10] In 2019-2020 she was President of the Association for Psychological Science. From 2018 to 2020, she was among the top 1 percent of the most cited scientists in the world for a period of ten years.

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In addition to his academic work, Barrett has written two public science books, How Emotions Are Created (2017) and Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain (2020), and his TED Talk was ranked in the top 25 most popular worldwide. in 2018. .

BookSeven And A Half Lesson About The Brain
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Seven And A Half Lesson About The Brain Book PDF download for free

Seven And A Half Lesson About The Brain Book PDF download for free

Is your brain your thinking apparatus? And/or do you do what you do on your own? Why does it exist and how did it come about? Who is the master in the uphill house?

For the interested layman and seasoned expert, this is probably the best thing you’ve ever read about how your brain works and how it interacts with your body and your environment (and vice versa). And that’s guaranteed, provided you’re willing to debunk many popular myths about the brain: your neocortex houses your rational thought, you have a “reptilian brain,” the left-right side of the brain, the so-called “ratio-emotion.” Fight within yourself and much more, including who you are and why you are who you are. Very interesting, insightful, entertaining and informative.

Seven And A Half Lesson About The Brain Book Pdf Download

This is a very nice and concise summary of what we currently know about the brain. And it is fascinating. “But you don’t feel with your sense organs. You feel with your brain.” Or: “Your view of the world is not a photo. It is a construction of your brain so fluid and so persuasive that it seems exact. But sometimes it isn’t.”

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Perhaps the biggest difference in the book, however, is the author’s clear explanation of what science is and is not. And it couldn’t be more timely. Today one cannot turn on the television or click on any news site on the Internet without encountering debate. “Follow the science,” a sentiment I strongly share, particularly when it comes to pandemics, is often circulated without it being clear what it really means.

Not long ago, the words science and philosophy, the latter considered by many to be no science at all, were synonymous. One of the most important works in modern science, written by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687, used the word philosophy in its title.

Science is not a body of knowledge or a simple collection of irrefutable facts. It is a method of interpreting the reality that surrounds us. Or, as Feldman Barrett points out, “Scientists generally try to avoid saying that something is a fact or that something is definitely true or false. In the real world, facts have some probability of being true or false in a given context.” Or in a quote he attributes to Henry Gee: “Science is a process of quantifying doubt.”

So while this book offers a very different view of the brain than most of us probably have, I doubt that even the author would claim that it is definitive or complete. It marks a milestone in a very long journey that will become even more fascinating as we go along.

You can read the book in a few hours. But you’re going to think about it for much, much longer (although maybe not in the way you’ve been thinking about thinking before).

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