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Shadowfires book pdf download for free or read online, also Shadowfires pdf was written by Dean Koontz.

Dean Koontz, the author of many #1 New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife Gerda, their golden retriever Elsa, and the steadfast spirits of their goldens, Trixie and Anna.

AuthorDean Koontz
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Shadowfires Book PDF download for free

Shadowfires Book PDF download for free

Rachel’s request for a quick and clean divorce angered her husband. She had never seen Eric so angry, so consumed with pure, horrible hatred. Then, in the heat of the moment, Eric was killed in a car accident. Shocked and relieved, Rachel had nothing more to fear. Until Eric’s body disappears from the morgue and suddenly someone who looks exactly like her dead husband follows Rachel.

Shadowfires Book Pdf Download

Dean Koontz is a master storyteller! He will not leave behind any literary classic. He will not win a Pulitzer Prize or a Nobel Prize for literature. But he is sure to leave a legacy of outstanding and entertaining novels for generations to come. As a popular novelist, Koontz is in the stratosphere.

Shadowfires is the first Koontz novel I’ve read in years. One of the weaknesses is obvious, but his ability to make the reader turn those pages, moreover, dig deeper, has not diminished in any way for this reader.

First, his use of an omniscient narrator bothered me the most. I liked to know what each character thinks and their personal background as they are presented with the story. It doesn’t work in “Shadowfires” for this reason: Koontz tells everything except the cause of the main character’s terror, at least until over a hundred pages into the story. Okay, yes, it’s shocking, but he would have appreciated his fear more if he had known what caused it.

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One of the main reasons Koontz is so popular is that he tells a great story and often embeds in his horror story a vein of modern life, often a thorny ethical issue. This in this story is the classic Dr. Frankenstein and the monster story, modern man is experimenting in areas that are best left alone.

Various groups of characters figure prominently in the story, and the reader develops strong reactions, positive or negative, to each one. Rachael Leben is divorcing her husband Eric Leben, a brilliant but cold genetic engineer. Angry, he runs away from Laura on the street and crashes into a garbage truck, being beaten and killed. Scary things happen, then horrible acts!

Benny Shadway is Rachael’s partner, whom he knows long after the breakup. He has a fascinating story. Join forces to fight together against this terror. Julio Verdad and Reese Hagerstrom are detectives who don’t know what quitting means.

Sharp and Peake are federal agents with the Defense Security Agency, taking on the role of detectives in the ongoing horrific murder investigation. Interior motifs abound. Certainties and uncertainties surround known and unknown facts. Koontz keeps the mix going at the breakneck speed. Where will all this end?

In Vegas, of course. The state of unreality, the place of dreams turning into nightmares, bankruptcy, despair. When the reader reaches this point, he will have no idea how this all ends. He expects bankruptcy, not of money, but of the soul. He relies on nightmares, not from the dream, but from reality. But don’t count on despair. The one who should have it is too far away to know.

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If only I could discuss the ethical problems of this story, but I interpret it as Koontz: I hide the cause of terror. It’s all in the Shadowfires!

Rachel Leben, a quiet and unassuming woman, leaves the courthouse after her divorce hearing, only to be accosted by her ex-husband, Eric. Not wanting her fair share of her of Eric’s millions has left him humiliated and seething with rage.

When Eric storms out and gets caught in the lane of an oncoming truck, she thinks she’s rid of him…until her body disappears from the morgue.
Eric had a secret, many secrets, that his associates and a shadowy branch of the government would kill for.

As usual for a Dean Koontz book, Shadowfires was amazing, the kind that keeps you up at night and turning the pages. I love the mix of genres, science fiction, mystery, suspense, horror and a bit of romance.

This author has a knack for keeping the suspense exceptionally tight with compelling character interactions. You get a front row seat where you get pushed/pulled into Eric’s world. At first he’s everything you’d want in a villain, then as the story progresses and you learn more about his history, mixed feelings give way to understanding. Dean Koontz is a master storyteller. Absolutely incredible.
His point of view shifted back and forth quite a bit with no spaces or other cues, but with the style of writing, even that wasn’t unpleasant.

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