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Shattered Altar book pdf download for free or read online, also Shattered Altar pdf was written by Nicole Fox.

Nicole Fox writes exciting and sexy dark mob romance about the kind of guys you should be running from but end up running. She’s a cat-crazy woman in her late 30s with a coffee addiction, an overactive imagination, and a husband who somehow puts up with her impulsive urges to keep buying new plants for their house.

BookShattered Altar
AuthorNicole Fox
Size1.3 MB

Shattered Altar Book PDF download for free

Shattered Altar Book PDF download for free

SHATTERED ALTAR is the first book by the duo Makarova Bratva. The story of Aleks and Olivia continues in Book Two, SHATTERED CRADLE.

Shattered Altar Book Pdf Download

This book went by so quickly I didn’t even realize it was the end until there was nothing left to read! It’s full of intricate intrigue, shocking revelations, and intense chemistry that made me want to read as fast as I could.

Olivia is a normal woman who plays it safe in life, turning away from all emotions and telling herself that all she needs to get ahead in life is to be in a relationship with her mother and siblings. While waiting for a late flight home, she decides to let go for once and seizes the opportunity to spend time with a handsome stranger, unaware that doing so would embroil her in a plan devised by none other than the handsome stranger himself was planned. Alex.

Now trapped in a criminal’s stronghold, Olivia feels betrayed and has little to do but worry about her family’s safety. Olivia has no choice but to indulge Aleks’ desires and play his games, no matter how much she hates him for using her and her. She hates herself for the feelings towards him.

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As she struggles with guilt over her undeniable attraction to the man who put her and her family in danger, things happen in their new home that are worse than she imagines, threatening the timid relationship they desire begins. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, she later discovers that even if she somehow leaves this life, she has an unbreakable bond with the dangerous man that she’s not sure she loves capable of what she longs for.

This book was packed with such great plans and schematics that I couldn’t stop reading to find out the next part! It really caught my attention and left just enough unanswered to be mysterious without being frustrating. The tension of figuring out who was responsible for one thing or another was in stark contrast to the push-and-pull relationship between Olivia and Aleks, which made the chapters fly by as I wanted to unravel and figure out the whole story , like the couple came a long. at the same time.

Overall it was great; Don’t rely too much on the romantic or the criminal aspect to make this a complete story. It really didn’t have any dull moments and was actually quite funny at times. I’m really looking forward to the next book, especially after the multi-level cliffhanger at the end!

Aleks is a dangerous man. He runs Bratva and has been on the FBI’s radar for some time and is doing everything in his power to eliminate that risk. FBI agent Robert is desperate to hunt him down and accuses him of kidnapping his fiancée Isabella. There are secrets within that will be revealed as the book progresses!

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Olivia is Rob’s sister and she uses Aleks for security and to keep her brother in line. However, Aleks was unaware of how strong his feelings for Olivia would become and is torn between his duties as leader of the Bratva and his need to protect Olivia. He feeds her mind enough promises that he’ll set her free one day, but Olivia’s got it.

A few more secrets are revealed and she learns that she will never get rid of him and that with her mother Yulia’s help, she might have a chance to be free. This book was full of lust, passion, secrets and lies. It was intense reading and kept you on the edge of your seat. The ending will be revealed in Book 2 and I’m looking forward to getting started right away! Happy reading!

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