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Boss Daddy book pdf download for free or read online, also Boss Daddy pdf was written by Laylah Roberts.

Laylah loves writing books filled with sexy, protective heroes, a little humor, and (of course!) lots of happy endings. When she’s not writing, she chases after her daughter, reads as many books as she can, and neglects housework.

BookBoss Daddy ( MC Daddies Book 8 )
AuthorLaylah Roberts
Size450 KB

Boss Daddy Book PDF download for free

Boss Daddy Book PDF download for free

Please note the activation warnings at the beginning of this book. It is best to read this series to enjoy it to the fullest.

This is an age gap romance starring a possessive and protective crime boss, Daddy Dom, who falls in love with a quirky and cute heroine.

Boss Daddy Book Pdf Download

Boss Daddy is the eighth book in the MC Daddies series by Laylah Robert. In it, he focuses on the romantic journey of Dahlia Paulsen and Drew “Demetri” Markovich. Dahlia is an innocent LG who lives in a trailer home, hiding from her distant and dysfunctional family. She suffers from PTSD due to the actions of her adoptive uncle, who relentlessly pursues non-consensual sex with her.

She is a waitress at a club that Markovich frequents. She saves him from several attempts on his life. Markovich is a local crime boss. He is fascinated and attracted to this vulnerable young woman. She arouses the protective and possessive traits in him. She is in danger. Will he be able to protect her? Will she defeat her demons? You have to read the book to find out what happened.

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This was an entertaining age romance filled with multidimensional leads. Readers will witness the trials and tribulations that befall these two and how they deal with them. Mrs. Robert’s dialogue skills are outstanding. She enjoyed her use of her dual point of view to help her readers better understand Dahlia and Drew. Mrs. Roberts did an excellent job of getting my attention and not wanting to put this book down. Well done Mrs. Roberts.

Spoilers After his wife was killed and his daughter kidnapped, Markovich dedicated his life to revenge, building an empire, protecting the people he loved and finding his daughter. After meeting Emme (previous story in this series), he would say that she is slowly finding closure and Dahlia slipped through the barriers she put up due to her feelings.

Laylah Roberts introduced us to so many amazing, amazing, special, quirky, unique characters that I can hardly find the right words. Somehow they touch me on a deeper level than almost anyone else. Both Markovich and Dahlia have had serious injuries in the past. Reading their story and how their hearts, lives and souls intertwine is just amazing. I remember Markovich from Daddy’s sweet girl and her interaction with Abby, it touched my heart how he protected her in such a unique way. The Pachan works in the shadows, but he has a strict code of ethics.

He is reluctant to claim the L’venok from her because he puts her in further danger, but true love finds a way to her. There’s also so much suspense like interacting with the fox, chasing Mister X and we’re far from knowing what happened to Dahlia in the past. There are so many touching and special moments, like when Dahlia reveals that she’s never had sex and he’s never had sex and how, in a very special way, they put each other first and he tells her to never die. I loved the line, ‘Instead of just surviving, she felt like she could live.’

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I’m sure this story is still amazing on its own, but reading it in order and learning about the other Laylah Roberts stories will certainly help. There are so many special characters like Grey, I’m so excited to read her story. I forced myself not to devour it, afraid of the end. I am excited to learn more about the fox and why he does what he does.
I wish I could reread so many of her stories for the first time. Laylah Roberts has written many of my favorite stories of hers. Stories I check when I need a hug from heart and soul.

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