Download Showdown In Mudbug [PDF] By Jana DeLeon

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Showdown In Mudbug book pdf download for free or read online, also Showdown In Mudbug pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon grew up among swamps and alligators in southwestern Louisiana. Her hometown is Carlyss, but she probably won’t find it on a map.

BookShowdown In Mudbug
AuthorJana DeLeon
Size1.2 MB

Showdown In Mudbug Book PDF download for free

Showdown In Mudbug Book PDF download for free

Family can be the death of you…

Who killed Helena Henry? The shortest list might be who didn’t want her dead.

Psychic Raissa Bordeaux thought she had left her former life behind, hiding in her eclectic French Quarter store. But when a child is kidnapped and Helena Henry shows up, Raissa risks her true identity and offers to help the police on the case.

New Orleans detective Zach Blanchard doesn’t believe in psychics and is certain that Raissa didn’t get the facts about the case from a crystal ball. He suspects her of more than the fact that she is the most fascinating and attractive woman he has ever met.

But when Raissa’s secrets put her in danger, can Zach convince her to tell him the truth before it’s too late?

Showdown In Mudbug Book PDF download for free

Jana DeLeon is one of those authors who writes entertaining and funny books with plots mysterious enough to keep things interesting while mixing them with romance that thankfully doesn’t get corny or angsty. I like her characters, her quick and easy writing style, her humor and her charm.

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All of these things were certainly as apparent here as they were in Mischief in Mudbug and Mayhem in Mudbug. I liked almost everything about the book except the ending. Helena Henry, the ghost from the Ghost In Law series who can’t seem to rest until she finds out she was killed and why, she is the link between the books that will wrap up here. And that’s where she fell apart for me.

The book itself follows the pattern of the others, with the hero, New Orleans detective Zack Blanchard, becoming seriously suspicious of the heroine, Raissa Brodeaux, a psychic. Only Raissa is not psychic about the kidnapping of the mayor’s granddaughter.

She really is a disgraced FBI agent who left witness protection years ago and knows that this kidnapping follows a pattern that started years ago and then suddenly stopped. Now start again. When she appears to him, Helena Henry, she knows she is in trouble, because only people in mortal danger see the ghost Maryse has heard so much about.

When suspicious psychic Raissa shows up at police headquarters to speak with detectives on the case, her intimate knowledge of the details, and the fact that she knows he’s an old employer who was arrested 9 years ago, makes sense: she’s Zack’s number one suspect. .

But Raissa has been undercover long enough to know how to thwart the police. She wants the person behind the kidnappings and wants to know why they happened. Raissa can’t exactly tell Zack everything, especially when the man she got for the FBI is hunting the same people, but maybe not for the same reason.

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It’s exciting and interesting and we get to visit all the characters from the first two books of it. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but the high resolution didn’t remotely work for me, nor was it fleshed out enough to make any real sense. It felt like it was just thrown in, but the author couldn’t really flesh it out in a way that made it believable. The villain, yes, that made a lot of sense.

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