Download Steeped In Secrets [PDF] By Lauren Elliott

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Steeped In Secrets book pdf download for free or read online, also Steeped In Secrets pdf was written by Lauren Elliott.

BookSteeped In Secrets
AuthorLauren Elliott
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Steeped In Secrets Book PDF download for free

Steeped In Secrets Book PDF download for free

Intuitive gemologist Shay Myers, divorced and broke, has changed since leaving her artistic hometown on the shores of Bray Harbor sixteen years ago. But when she returns under strange circumstances, old instincts may be the only key to spilling the tea on a deadly secret.

Although her life in New Mexico is in shambles, Shay finds it uncomfortable settling in the small coastal town on the Monterey Peninsula in California where she grew up and taking over property bequeathed to her by Bridget Early, a woman she barely knew. knew. Her heightened senses, an empathic gift she’s had since childhood, kick into high gear as they tour Crystals & CuriosiTEAS, Bridget’s eclectic tea and psych shop filled with Irish lore and Celtic symbols. They reach a boil when Shay looks up to see the body of a stranger lying on the roof of the store’s greenhouse. . .

Steeped In Secrets Pdf Download

With new business for her, a crime scene, and questions about Bridget’s supposed accidental death, Shay worries that she, too, has inherited the attentions of a killer. Her chilling realization leads him on an impractical search for answers, with the help of her sister, an elusive pure white German shepherd, a strikingly handsome pub owner who speaks with a soft accent, and a young woman misunderstood with her own perceptual abilities. As Shay struggles to discover her true purpose in Bray Harbor and the strong connection she has to the tea shop, she must use her best judgment to identify a ruthless killer and prevent him from becoming victim number three. .

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Steeped in Mystery is the first book in this series. It takes place in the city of Bray Harbor. Shayleigh (Shay) Myers is the main character who got divorced and came home broke. Her ex-husband, Brad, had taken everything she owned in a scam involving her gem and jewelry company. She had a two-year affair with her assistant. The secondary characters enrich the story. Shay received a mysterious unexpected inheritance from Bridget Early. She consisted of a store called Cristales y CuriosiTEAS.

A large white dog named Spirit that belonged to Bridget has returned to town. He is known by all the inhabitants of the city. Bridget disappeared and was later found dead under the pier. While touring the store, Liam Madigan, owner of the Irish pub, walks into the store and takes the tour with Julia and Shay. He and Bridget are both from the same town in the Ireland.

In one of the rooms there is a huge painting of Titania, the queen of fairies and the princess of tales. There is something in her hand that she is giving to the princess. On the second floor there is a greenhouse where Bridget grows her teas and spices. In the corner they discover a corpse. on the roof. It’s a man named Grady Kennedy, a private investigator from County Clare.

Liam’s grandmother also lives there. They call the police and Frank Burrows, the local sheriff, and Dean Philips, a deputy and Shay’s brother-in-law, arrive. He is married to Shay’s sister, Jen.
Frank immediately arrests Liam as he is about to catch him because Liam was a cop who sent his brother to jail. Adam Ward is the coroner and an old friend of his.

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Shay is very interested in seeing how the body got on the roof of her conservatory and she goes to the pub next to her shop. Carman the bartender is there and leads Shay to the rooftop terrace. As she goes through everything, she finds a button that appears to have been ripped from a man’s shirt. She will really give it to Dean, not Frank.

Shay and her sister Jen lost her parents in a boating accident when they were teenagers. Her aunt approached them. Going through the albums, Shay notices that she looks different from the rest of the family. As the story progresses, she discovers that she is actually Bridget’s daughter. This is where the story begins with many mysteries about who she is. The story ends surprisingly with Shay feeling pleased with herself and looking forward to her future. This is where the story stops abruptly, leaving the reader hanging in the air wondering what will happen next in the series. I hope that.


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