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Storm Book pdf download for free or read online, also Storm pdf was written by Tana Stone.

AuthorTana Stone
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Storm Book PDF download for free

Storm Book PDF download for free

This is an amazing alien romance that I really enjoyed. It took me a long time to put it down and I loved it. Kaos and Kenzi were a wonderful couple, their attraction to each other was strong from the start. Both had losses and betrayal to overcome, so neither was willing to risk their hearts again. The writing and plot keep you on the edge of your seat with danger, drama, suspense, adventure, action, twists, turns, hot alpha alien males, passion, romance, and love.

Their attraction, passion, and need for each other makes them realize that their love for each other has already opened their hearts to each other. It’s a phenomenal addition to the series and I’m so glad I read it. It can be read as a standalone book, but I love the whole series and highly recommend reading it.

Storm Pdf Download

Kidnapped by the Xulonians at a young age, Kensie has spent a lot of time on her battle moon tending to the alien fighters in the arena. Despite everything she has been through, she is such a brave, strong and compassionate woman. I loved her liveliness and courage even more. Kensie is a wonderful woman and she loved her so much!

Kaos is the first mate of the Kalesh Naz of Taori and a phenomenal man! He is huge, beautiful, fiercely protective, and incredibly honorable and loyal. Furthermore, he is so intense, bossy, possessive, domineering and dangerous. I couldn’t help but love everything about this fearsome warrior!

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I loved everything that happened between Kensie and Kaos! They are rescued by the Xulonian recovery moon, only to find themselves stranded there again. Not only did they have to survive on the moon and evade the guards, but they also had to deal with the Kaos mating fever. Oh, the tension between the two! Their attraction was strong from the start, but they both lost the people they cared about and one was betrayed, so neither was willing to risk their hearts again.

Still, I loved Kaos and Kensie together! And when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, the passionate moments they shared topped the charts! Oh these Taori warriors are absolutely delicious and so deliciously domineering and mischievous!

Also, the plot was spectacular! We experience a wild adventure through the deserts and high mountains of the Xulonian battle moon and face huge monsters. Furthermore, the Taori are back together, and with an unexpected new alliance, they may finally come to terms with the Xulonians for good.

Overall, Storm is an excellent addition to the series and a phenomenal series finale. It is full of suspense, danger, adventure, action, drama, twists, violence, steamy romance, and great characters.

I couldn’t put it down and absolutely devoured and loved every page!

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