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Subdue book pdf download for free or read online, also Subdue pdf was written by Tana Stone.

AuthorTana Stone
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Subdue Book PDF download for free

Subdue Book PDF download for free

Waking up after his escape pod crashes, Kalesh Naz is furious to find himself locked in a dungeon. He finds himself on a battle moon where he and other savage aliens are forced to fight to survive as entertainment for the cruel Xulonians. He will do anything to rejoin his crew, even if it means awakening the long-dormant barbaric ways of his ancestors and exploiting the mating fever simmering beneath the surface.

But how can he tame his mating fever when the woman assigned to nurse him in the humid cells beneath the fighting ring is so mysterious and seductive? And how can she escape and reunite her crew when all she can think about is winning in the ring so she can get back to her?

Subdue Pdf Download

SUBDUE is a full-length sci-fi romance with a HEA and no cheats. It features hot scenes on a battle moon, violent alien gladiatorial combat, and some seriously steamy dungeon scenes.

If you like alien abduction romance (as well as overbearing and dangerous alien warriors with horns, tails, and extra parts), you’ll love SUBDUE, the fourth book in Tana Stone’s The Sky Clan Taori sci-fi romance series. .

Naz is a phenomenal man! As the Kalesh of the Taori ship, he is not only the captain, but it is his duty to unite and protect his warriors. Naz is so strong, dangerous, fearsome, protective and honorable. And he’s so gloriously domineering and possessive. I couldn’t help but adore absolutely everything about this wild Taori.

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Tyrria is a slut! Half Lycithian and half Kayling, life hasn’t been easy and she’s learned not to trust men. But despite everything she’s been through, she’s still a spectacular woman: fierce, brave, caring, adaptable, and strong enough to take on any challenge that comes her way. And there might be more to the pink-haired beauty than meets the eye… He loved her so much!

She loved everything that happened between Naz and Tyrria. Naz is forced to fight on the Xulonia battle moon, and Tyrria is assigned as his assistant. And to complicate matters further, Naz not only has to fight to survive, but also to deal with his mating fever. From the moment they met their attraction was undeniable and they made a great team. I loved the time they spent together getting to know each other and learning to trust each other.

More than that, he loved how Naz, who was so protective, honorable and true to his word, managed to show Tyrria that all men are not equal. And when they finally gave in to their undeniable need for each other, the passionate moments they shared were incredible. What can I say… Naz in the middle of Quaibyn is a sight to behold! And Tyrria is proving more than worthy of being Taori Kalesh’s partner. The two were so perfect for each other and I couldn’t get enough of it!

Also the world building and story was awesome! We got to explore another Xulonian moon and with all the fighting and suspense I was hooked to the end.

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Overall, the story is another wonderful addition to the series! It’s full of non-stop action, danger, twists, violence, steamy romance and adorable characters.

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